Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to School

Not a type-o my friends (though on this Blog that is a fair guess) I am headed back to school. Currently trying not to freak. I have my books ordered and classes paid for.

This past year, I all my free time, I was trying to be diligent about figuring out what the heck I am good at. Where is my heart? What gets me excited? After much discussion, I decided to head back to school. On my heart? Women. Motherhood.

The first weekend in March I will be taking an intensive (read: semesters worth of information packed into 3 REALLY long days) course at Columbia University so that I can get licensed as a postpartum parent educator. This is just step one for me, but gets the ball rolling and allows me some career opportunities as I pursue my goal. I will also be working towards my certification as a lactation educator.

So what do I want to be when I grow up? I want to help parents, mostly mothers, feel successful in the most important job that they will ever do; raise their children. After I complete this course work, I would love to spend some time working at a crisis pregnancy center with young moms, helping them bring their new babies home and learning what they need to know to start their parenthood journey. Other than that, I am not really sure. I guess I will just take it year by year, class by class.

For now, I have a bit over a month to finish all my pre required reading and course work. After my class, I have until this new kid shows up to finish the rest. It is a huge undertaking, but I think I can get it done. I figure my chance of completing it BEFORE the new one arrives is MUCH greater that trying to get it done after he is here. My life doesn't seem like it is going to be slowing down in the foreseeable future, so I might as well start!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I kinda like them

Least you think that this was my doing (the matching outfits) it was not. It was 100% the brain child of my eldest. And her sisters were feeling cooperative.

I kinda like my kids. Not always, but lately I have really been having fun with them.

Eliana is the sweetest 6 year old. Helpful and usually very kind. Full of creative games that involve her sisters. Generally loves to spend time "doing school" and can't get enough learning in general. Still has a running commentary about life.

Addilyn is sweet and funny. She is creative in her own right, enjoys playing by herself if Eliana is busy but usually ready to go with whatever crazy game her big sis has invented. She also plays very sweetly with her little sis.

Annabelle is a cuddle bug. Wanting to snuggle and chat, bring me toys, read a story. Always ready for a snack but big enough to wait when I ask her to. Yeah, she melts down. A little sympathy goes a long way for this kid. If I ask her to, she can usually vocalize why she is angry and calms down quickly.

Today is the second rainy day in a row. Ugh. I hate being stuck inside and am not used to it. It just doesn't happen that often in CO. So we blew up a massive ball and rolled around inside of it for a while (after moving the furniture out of the way). Today is National Chocolate Cake day so we youtubed a bunch of videos about where chocolate comes from and are baking a cake. Kids are all napping now and I already consider today a success. I had fun. My kids had fun. Overall, they were nice to each other.

There are childhood stages that are not my favorite. Infanthood comes to mind. But this? I like this. I kinda like these children of mine.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Addilyn Joy!

Happy birthday, big girl! I love your laugh, your zest for life, your need to move. I love that you want to be a donut on Halloween and have a rainbow birthday party, your drummer has a beat all it's own and I can't wait to see where it leads you as you grow. Your eyes have a sparkle, both joyous and mischievous. You keep me on my toes, are always ready to snuggle or get in a tickle fight.

You have an uncanny ability to trash clothing, spill milk, run into objects and make everyone in a room smile. With a dialect all your own, you love to chat as you help me in the kitchen or follow me as I straighten up. Content to play quietly by yourself or follow Eliana's lead in a game of pretend, you do such a good job watching out for your little sister.

I am so pleased with the little girl you are becoming, God is going to do such cool things with your life. I count my blessings for every day I get to spend as your mommy, watching your zest and spice for life reminds me to fully live in the moment. You warm my heart every time you hug and kiss my belly, so excited to meet your brother. I am so glad you are ours to raise. Happy birthday, Sunshine.

Love, Mommy

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bump- 23 weeks

I would like to introduce you to our SON! Did you know we could make BOY babies? I didn't. In keeping with the surprise theme of this pregnancy, we learned that this baby is a boy! We were going to wait, but during the ultrasound it was pretty obvious that this was no little girl. Matt and I and the girls are so excited to meet this kid, buy something blue and start thinking of baby names.