Monday, January 31, 2011

Five in a Row- Jamberry

Monday: Language-What are new words to us (bramble, jamboree) What do we think they mean? The author uses made up words, can you remember what they are? Add berry to the end of some of our words or names.

Tuesday: Art- The illustrator drew a world where food grows on trees. What are other things he pretends? Get out crayons, markers, paints, stickers and create your own world. Where world you get food? What colors would things be?

Wednesday: Cooking- Use cookie cutters to cut out heart shaped bread. Smash several types of berries and cook with a little bit of sugar until you make a simple jam. Spread on heart bread. Use coffee stirrers to make patterns with fruit and eat for lunch.

Thursday: Creative movement- On one page of the book they are dancing in fields. Grab ribbons and streamers and decide how they are dancing.See if you can make big circles with the ribbons or lines. On another page they are skating on jam. Put on socks and "skate" around pretending your on jam.

Friday: Science- Look up where berries grow. What do they need to grow? Could we grow them in our yard? What would be the best spot?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Addilyn Joy- Age 3

Sweet, funny Addilyn Joy. When we chose Joy for your middle name we couldn't have known how fitting it would be. You love life, are rarely grumpy and have a sense of humor just like your Bumpa. Your independent and helpful, always ready for a snack and come running when you hear me working in the kitchen. Though your quick to lose your temper, everything can be made better in your world with a quick "nuggle". Your remind me of Linus the way your drag around your once yellow blanket. I am always finding baby dolls in your sisters crib that you put nigh-night. If the crib is occupied, I find your various friends tucked into my bed. You love play dough and jokes, playing with your sister and going on walks. You glow when you get time alone with mama or papa. We celebrated your 3rd birthday with friends and teddy bear cup cakes that you helped me make. You got a new bear and jammies, a crib for you babies, a coloring board and my little ponies, a new tutu and you were thrilled. Addilyn, your such a blessing in our lives. Loved beyond words, treasured as the gift from God that you are.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The "D" word

I have a confession. I am 30 years old and up until last week I have NEVER BEEN ON A DIET. Don't be too impressed. Up into my early 20's I weighed almost nothing (thanks Celiac Disease!) but I was also dying a slow death. After diagnosis I put on 25ish pounds and finally looked healthy.Then for the last almost 6 years I have been pregnant or nursing. Just when I would think about trying to lose the baby weight, I would get knocked up again.

The baby making factory is now an entertainment only facility. My youngest is a year old so I have to claim the last few pounds of "baby weight" as just plain fat. In February I am headed to New York with Matt for work and then in March I am going to Miami. I want Matt to feel proud to have me on his arm, I want to look good in clothes and feel confident. It was time to bite the bullet.

When I got home from Las Vegas I decide to really, actually diet. You know, the kind where you actually track what you eat and have a plan. I would say exercise, but I don't do that. I down loaded the app "My Fitness Tracker" and have really liked it. I put in my starting weight (168) and the weight goal (155) my activity level, my height, my age and other important info.

Each day I enter what I have eaten. It may not be one hundred percent accurate because I am eating gluten free, but it is close. If I accidental exercise (like shoveling snow the other morning) I enter that too. It tracks my nutrition information so the focus can be on good health instead of just being skinny.

These are my observations about dieting so far:

-I am more likely to make me myself something tasty when I know I have only x amount of calories per day instead of eating whatever happens to be left on the girls plates or on the counter.

-Cutting out desserts and sweets will never happens so I might as well plan on eating them and work the rest of my meals around that.

-My nutrition numbers look much better when I load up on fruit and veggies and it keeps my calories down.

-Matt is doing the diet too. It is more fun to do with someone else. We encourage each other and it is easy to make low calorie meals when i know he wants them that way too

My jeans are a little looser and I have lost about 5 pounds. So far watching what I eat isn't too painful and I don't really mind doing it. If I am down to my pre-baby weight by NYC I will be thrilled!

Monday, January 17, 2011


To the adorable Kittens,

Well, it is about that time. Time for you to venture out from the comfort of our home to find your forever families. I wish you luck and offer these words of advice to ease your transition into your new homes;

-DO climb up on your new persons lap, flop over for a belly rub and puurrrrrr your little heart out. This makes people like you.

-DON'T climb up on your new persons shoulder and let one rip. Kitten toots are very unpleasant and won't endear you to anyone.

-DO happily scarf down any type of food you new people choose to buy for you. Your a freeloading fur ball and can't afford to be too picky.

-DON'T climb up on the table and help yourself. It is beyond obnoxious to tip over glasses of milk so you may better drink them. When you do it for the 3ed time in one day it makes people want to pick you up by the scruff of your neck and shake the cute right out of you.

-DO say "good morning" by rubbing up on your new persons leg and letting out a loud purrrrr.

-DON'T say "good morning" by sticking your head in your persons cup of coffee and sneezing. No one wants to drink cat snot for breakfast.

So as I send you on your way, I wish you long lives and happy homes. We have enjoyed having you in our family. My life bring you many long naps in the sun, lots of string to chase and many a belly rub.

With Love,

The Crocker Family

Saturday, January 15, 2011


My house is strangely quiet for a Saturday afternoon. There is the sound of the tea pot on the stove making the water hot for the um-teent cup of tea, the sound of cartoons quietly on the t.v. This is the sound of our house when everyone is sick. Yes, everyone.

It started with Matt. Vegas, with its recycled air and tons of people is a challenge for the immune system. Matt's failed him. He has had a scratchy throat and sniffle nose for a while and the last few days he succumbed and became ill, fever and all.

Next to fall was Addilyn. She is a tough cookie, that one. Doesn't whine, just looks pathetic with a 103 temp and asks to "nuggle" for a little while.

Last night was Annabelle and Eliana. All four now have fevers, body aches, chills and a cough. Eliana with all the drama to go with. Annabelle just wanting to nurse and snuggle.

Then there is me, sleep deprived by healthy, doing my best to hold down the fort. Making tea, rocking babies, fetching drinks of water, putting on movies, trying to temp a sick family with little snacks so that they will eat something. Snuggling, my lap has been full all day.

This won't go down as one of my more productive weekends, but if I can see Monday with a house full of recovering sickies and my healthy firmly intact, I will consider it a success.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It snuck up on me. I thought I had more time. I am in complete denial. I signed up Eliana for school. Not preschool, but real, honest to God, kindergarten.

I have struggled with this for a while. I like my oldest child. A lot. I love to talk to her, which is good because she is rarely quiet. I love hearing how her mind works and answering her questions. I have loved teaching her to read, learning about kittens, helping her help me cook. I don't want to send her away, not even for half a day. Her sisters love her, she keeps the peace and is my second set of hands. I'm not ready for her to be big and worse, gone.

And yet. Eliana loves people and is beside herself excited at the idea of going to school. She loves to learn and be big. It would do Addilyn good to be the big kid in the house. I think I am learning to let go.

We visited the school we would like her to go to. Eliana was impressed, she was ecstatic about the library and impressed with the playground. Matt and I love the multiple age groupings and the hands on learning. We loved the low teacher/student ratio and the emphasis on independence.

So we enter the age of the school age child. I'm not ready.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pineapple Mesa Waffles

Food. It makes me happy. Sometimes I am shocked I don't weigh 300 pounds. There is this fab breakfast place called Snooze. I heart them, they make gluten free things that I can eat, and we are not just talking Bacon and eggs but real live pancakes! My favorite is the pineapple upside down pancake.

The bad thing about Snooze is they are in downtown Denver. And I am in Littleton. And my husband is in Vegas. And I have 3 small children not fit to be in public after about 5:30 pm. And it is really freakin' cold out. And snowing. And did I mention the 3 small children?

My girls are great breakfast eaters, iffy lunch eaters and truly terrible dinner eaters. So when the Matt's away the girls will play, and eat breakfast for dinner. Tonight's pick was waffles.

While I was in Vegas I got into a conversation with a friend (HI ERIC!) about mesa flour. I use Me Se Ca which I can get at Kings but the good, fine stuff I cant find. He lives in Florida and promised to send me some. Remembering the yummy pancakes at Snooze, thinking breakfast is a good meal and with mesa on the brain lead me to the creation of these. That and the fact we have no normal dinner items in the house and I am not yet desperate enough to take 3 small children groceries shopping in the snow. These were amazing. To try them yourself:

3/4 cup flour (if your GF use Sorghum with a 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum)
1/4 cup corn meal
3/4 cup Mesa Harina
1/2 tsp. baking soda
dash of salt and Cinnamon
1 Tbsp brown sugar

Mix all of the above in a bowl. Remove howling baby from leg and try to convince her to go color with her sisters. Add to bowl

1 1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup plain yogurt (Greek would work too, or buttermilk)
2 eggs, beaten

Now if your a fan of really fluffy and crisp waffles, beat your egg whites until stiff and fold into the rest of the ingredients. I am lazy. My children a hungry and foul tempered at this time of day. I just dumped it in and mixed. Grease waffle iron, I used coconut oil because the smell makes me think of the beach and we have 6 inches of snow outside. Pour batter into hot, well greased waffle iron, top batter with

canned pineapple (crushed or the small chunk kind)
sprinkle of Cinnamon and sugar

Make sure your greased the lid part well before you shut it otherwise you will be forced to try and lick caramelized pineapple and sugar straight from the iron it welded itself too which is a good way to end up with strange square burns on your lips. And tongue. And nose. And forehead.

Walk away from the iron and let your waffle cook least you stand and wait for it and drool on the iron which could make the waffle Tell 5 year old that, despite how pretty she is sure it would be, she may not color on her lips with the red marker. Or her sisters lips. Or the dogs. Rep remand one year old for sticking crayons up the dogs nose and then licking them. Ask three year old, for the 15th time today, where in heavens name her undies have gone. Check on waffle.

When your waffle is done, plate it and drizzle with caramel sauce. I used home made because that is what I had. Yes, I had home made caramel sauce and no maple syrup, don't judge me. I am sure the store bought stuff would be good too. If your feeling really adventurous, slice up a banana and toss on some pecans. Enjoy crisp, flavorful waffles!

Now if I was a good blogger, or a food blogger, I would have taken a picture of a beautifully plated waffle complete with a garnish. But I am not. I am a hungry mother of 3 who was thrilled to eat a meal while it was still warm. So no picture for you.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

Stupid Blogger

Forgive the lack of posts. Between business of life in general over the holidays and the fact Blogger decided to lock me out of my account, this blog fell pretty low on the "to-do" list. I will do my best to do better so those of you who are supposed to be working will have something to do while your slacking off. You know who you are.