Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas- A Holiday in 3 parts

Part 1- Pueblo

Last week we went to Pueblo to do an early Christmas with Matt's family. They will be in New York for Christmas. Elie loves going down there, her uncles dote on her. We had a Christmas dinner of lasagna that was awesome. We opened gifts and gave my favorite present of the year: a marine dog. Matt's bro Luke is over seas right now, so we made his parents a dog in a Marine outfit at build a bear. We recorded a message from Luke to wish his parents a merry Christmas. it turned out great and was a big hit. Elie and her Grandpa read "What God wants for Christmas".

Part 2- Ross Family Christmas with friends

On Christmas eve, we celebrated Christmas with my family and our good friends the McHams who were in town for a few days. We started with a brunch at my sister Amanda's house which was fabulous! We opened presents and then took the kids home for much needed naps. When the kids woke up, we all met up at dad's church for the 4pm service. Elie loved the candles and the music. We then went to Dad's house to do dinner and stockings. The kids were beat by bedtime.

Part 3- Crocker Family Christmas

We had Christmas morning with just our family, mom and dad. It was really nice. We started with the birth of Jesus, moved on to stocking and presents. We had a wonderful breakfast of waffels with home-made peach jam, eggs with green chilie and juice. The girls loved it. We have a family tradition of 3 gifts each, just like Jesus got. Somehow, we still end up with tons of stuff. I got a fabulous cook book from Matt's folks in CA with all kinds of really cool cup cake ideas. Can't wait to try it out, and I just happen to know of some little one who has a birthday comming up!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


My dads house has a little photo studio in the garage, we get some great pictures of the kiddos out there. Here are some of the latest.

Here are the girls in front of our Christmas tree. I hope to take some more "Christmas Pictures" before the season is over, after all Addilyn does have 5 Christmas dresses.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Did you know I go to preschool? Its true! We start out with a greeting in "circle time" then we have a snack, more "circle time" and a craft. Of course, for us grown ups, they don't call it preschool, they call it MOPS!

Please, don't think this is bitterness, it is simple irony. I am not sure where along the way it was decide that "good Christian women" like to do xyz. Sometime MOPS makes me feel like I am 80. Matt laughs at some of the crafts I bring home and asks if I want to hang them on the fridge. He isn't being mean, he just knows that it is really NOT me to be told what to make and how to make it.

My dream for MOPS? I would love something that acknowledged us a full and complete modern women. I am more than a mother and more than a wife, not that I don't love those titles. I spend my life doing the "wife/mother" thing and sometimes I would love a chance to explore other aspects of who I am. What if we started a book club? And please, don't make us read Christian literature. What if we all talked about what we did before kids and offered to help each other out with our talents. You were an accountant pre-children? Great! You can help us figure out taxes and budgeting! You were a teacher? Perfect! Lets have an open forum of what you think of the schools in our area. What would happen if we had a fashion consultant come in and discuss trends that work for busy women. What if we had a "coffee house" atmosphere with comfy chairs and time to just sit and connect with other mothers about things we care about.

Please don't think that I am not grateful for my MOPS group. I love those girls and know how hard the leadership works to pull it off, after all I am a MOPS leadership drop-out. Sometimes it just feels like another "christian" shoe that doesn't really fit me right. I think the politics (must preach Gospel 2 times a year, etc...) get in the way of what the ministry could be. And don't even get me started on the "MOPS and Pops" night.

I am not saying my way is right or even better. It is just different. Maybe no one else really wants different. Maybe everyone else would hate my style of MOPS and that is ok. Sometimes it it just hard to put on my happy face and play my role as "happy mommy and wife who loves Jesus."

Monday, December 8, 2008

By the Numbers

-1- Number of showers I have taken by myself in the last 2 weeks. Yes, I have taken more than one shower. For some reason both girls seem to sleep better if they take a shower instead of a bath at night. Since Elie is too old to shower with Papa anymore, that leaves me. Who says "3's a crowd?"

-4- Number of long sleeve shirts I bought at Target when they were on sale. Finally, someone realised that not all women like to have the belly/butt crack showing. The shirts are long, with sleeves that actually cover my wrists and they wash up great.

-14- pairs of shoes that Addilyn has in size 2. Yes, I know, the child doesn't walk. "Hi, my name is Gretchen and I have a problem with shoes..."

-1/2 tsp- Addilyn's dose of Tylenol.

-4- number of hours between doses. She is getting teeth. Or she has a cold. Or something that Tylenol fixes.

-3- Times I do yoga a week. I really like. Who knew I would ever say that about any for of exercise?

-4- Types of Christmas cookies made so far. We have dark chocolate dipped short bread, revel bars, ginger molasses cookies and fudge.

-10- Number of pounds I would like to loose. The chance of this actually happening in the next few months is slim. See above.

-20- Number of times a day that Elie makes Addilyn belly laugh. I'm not sure why she is so much funnier than I am. I guess I just can't compete with silly faces and farting noises.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On my mind

- Why is it that I am the only one in the house who hangs up wet towels? I am also in charge of keeping track of the amount of t.p. left, all toilet cleaning, finding socks and everything else that disappears. What, exactly, is my job description and why don't I get paid more?

- I am not fat, I am currently...fluffy?! I think this is how the math works:
high school weight+10 lbs= college weight.
College weight+ 5lbs= married weight.
College weight+10 lbs per each child born in the last 12 months+ 5 lbs per kid over the age of 1= mommy weight.
Mommy weight-a lb per hour of free time you have each week= adult married weight.

- I have started my Christmas baking. This actually balances everything out. I eat some of the baking, but give it a week and I am so sick of smelling, looking at and being around the junk that I end up giving most of it away.

- Christmas cards. Do I bother? Does anyone really read them anyway? Everyone I care about knows what is going on in my life. They know what my kids look like. They don't really want a picture of me.

-Through a good friend, I just got a pair of fake Uggs. Love them. Not water proof. In CO I think you can get away with wearing them with just about everything.

-I love snow. I hate when it melts and makes the yard all muddy and I feel like I spend my life cleaning dog paws. Really bad since Addie spends most of her time on the floor. She eats everything. You do the math.

- I have closet vomit all over my bedroom floor. I share a closet with Matt and have enough clothes to wardrobe half of CO. It comes in 4 sizes. See above for explanation of why. I doubt my size will ever been in the single digit's again. I should just mourn the loss.