Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wand 101- As written by Elie with help from Mama

Step 1: Find wand stick Miss Jen gave you and that got left in the yard. Stop to chase dog, poke rolly polly, and take nap in the grass.

Step 2: Paint stick and hearts for end of wand. Choose colors carefully and make sure to add LOTS of glitter

Step 3: Choose a good ribbon to make the wand good for swirlling, waving and what-not
Step 4: Let mama put wand all together then go play in the yard. Note to self, things not to do with a wand include but are not limited to: whacking baby sister. This does not make her fly, only scream really loud, which makes mama angry. Don't shove it up the dogs nose, either, even though it fits really well. This makes the dog grumpy and the wand wet

Hope your summer is magical!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Life is a Zoo

OK not really, just on occasion, but we did go to the zoo! We usually come in the zoo and go to the left and see the lions, giraffes, seals, and big cats. This time we had a monkey day.We took a picnic lunch and really enjoyed our day. And of course no trip to the zoo is complete without a ride on the carousel. Elie rode the baboon all by herself. I asked her what the baboon's name was and she told me it was "Gorilla". Poor confused baboon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Abby

I can't believe my beautiful littlest niece is a year old. I will always remember being by the pet store in Southwest Plaza when Stephanie called me and told me they had a baby waiting for them. A newborn, who needed a family. I will remember watching Stephs kids for that first weekend, the insanity of 5 kids from 0 to 6. I will always be grateful for the friends I called to help me, who dropped everything and came. I remember watching my husband try to get this tiny baby to take a bottle, the excitement we felt when she ate more than one ounce. She was a beautiful baby and has grown into an adorable little one year old. I love her fire, her dark complexion and the perfection she adds to the wood family. I admire my big sis for her willingness to open her heart, with a chance of being gravely wounded, but obeying the call to care "for widows and orphans". I will remember reading Stephs email saying parental right have been severed. I can't wait for the day when she is officially a member of our family, instead of just our hearts. Happy First Birthday Abby!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Curly Head

Here is proof that I do atempt to do some thing with Elie's hair, even though it doesn't ever last and she looks like a crazy lady most of the time. This is what I start with on a good day.

This is what she looks like right out of the bath. If anyone knows how to keep her cute curls looking this cute, please let me know. I have tried all kind of stuff, but it doesn't seem to help.
Oh well, she is a girl and will have to do her hair the rest of her life. If she sports the white girl afro until she is old enough to care, well, so be it.

Elie truely showed that she was my kid today. When I was little, I loved worms. They were less fond of me considering I used to fill up jars with water and toss the worms in. I figured that since they came out when it rained, they must like water. I would have been crushed if I had known I was killing them. Poor worms. We have had a lot of rain lately and were lucky enough to find not 1 but 3 worms on the patio today. Elie carried one around with her until it was a little stiff and not moving, then, thank heaven, she droped it in the grass and couldn't find him again. I don't know why it grossed me out more for her to play with a dead worm than a live one. Worms don't really last that long in the hands of a two year old. Here is a pic of Elie and her new friend.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Picnic

Since my mom works on Sundays, we did a mothers day picnic today. It was a lot of fun. Yesterday Matt left for Hawaii. Amanda and Ryan and me and the girls went to the park in the afternoon. Here are the highlites.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Compair and Contrast

Everyone who knows me know I am an extrovert. I generally have no problem making conversation with...whomever happens to be around.This is especially true with people with whom I perceive I have things in common with: young mothers, someone who admires my kids, another extrovert, etc...

Today I was sitting near the back of church. I was by myself (except for Addie, which is why I was in the back). A couple came in and sat in the very back row. Lets just say they were not the typical Adullam demographic (White, middle class, young, churched, suburbanites) I smiled, thought about saying hi, and then the music started so I considered myself off the hook. I could tell you I didn't say hi because I didn't get the chance, or that I had Addie and it just wasn't convenient, or that it just wasn't my job to glad hand visitors. As the music played I started feeling guilty, knowing the reason I hadn't said hi was that they were...different. It would have been out of my comfort zone.

After the music, Hugh encouraged us to say hello to those around us, so I walked over and made conversation with the couple. She was very nice, we chatted about our children (hers are grown and gone) and exchanged "Happy Mothers Day's".

Today Hugh reviewed the sermon on the mount. He talked a little about judging. I think God was directing that at me. Any time we compare ourselves to other, they are being judged by us. They either fall short, like the couple behind me, and we find ourselves better, or we see them to be better than us. Jesus tells us we are to compair ourselves and strive to be like no else but Him. Call it the "mind your own business" clause in the bible. This applies to gossip, too.

So, why is this such a big deal? First of all, we use other peoples lives to distract us from our own. Seeing Britney Spears as a screw up and crappy mom make me feel superior. When I feel better than someone or more Godly, my first instinct is not to love them, which is what I am called to do. Then I talk about it with my friends, which is gossip, and they see how much better we both are than that person.

When people are asked to describe Christian's, the first word that seems to pop up is "judgemental". Wonderful, we are exactly what Jesus told us not to be. So, next time I think about a homosexual, single mother, partying teen, or strange couple in the back row, I will think about grace. I will remember perfection and how short I fall. I will speak truth without judgment or beating someone with doctrine. I will learn to "mind my own".

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok, so I consider myself a person of some intelligence. Not a brain surgeon or a rock scientist (Hi Amandas husband!) but able to function and usually make fairly good choices. Until the sandbox. I thought I was being smart. After all, sandboxes are developmentally appropriate toys for 2 year olds. I didn't spend the big bucks on the turtle sandbox, but just got a plastic pool and filled it with sand and a few toys. Now I see that I am a moron. First, Elie is pretty good about keeping the sand in the box, but she is only two. The first day we had it she rubbed sand all over her face, arms and legs. It was a little damp so it stuck. Everywhere. Her friend came over the other day and dumped sand on her head. I am still brushing sand out of her hair. And then there is the floor, constantly gritty, no matter what I do. The bathroom floor is too, because she somehow manages to get her undies full of sand. Like I wasn't sweeping up all the crap the dogs brought in on there paws already. I have, on more than one occasion, striped her naked on the back patio. This gets tedious. The only good thing I have to say about the box is that she loves it and it keeps her entertained for hours on end. That counts for something. Well, I am off to sweep up yet another pile of sand that Elie has dumped from her shoe. *Sigh*

Here are a few cute pics of the kiddo's!

Monday, May 5, 2008

One Word answers...

A new kind of survey:

You can only type ONE Word!Not as easy as you might think. It's really hard to onlyuse one word answers, who else wants to play?

1. Where is your cell phone?.......nightstand
2. Where is your significant other?.. airport
3. Your hair?..... messy
4. Your mother?.... working
5. Your father?.... church
6. Your favorite thing?
7. Your dream last night ? none
8. Your favorite drink?.... Starbucks
9. Your dream/goal?.....teaching10. The room you're in?.... kitchen
11. Your hobby?....gardening
12. Your fear?....loss
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
14. Where were you last night?.....home
15. What you're not?....rested
16. Muffins?...gluten free
17. One of your wish list items?...maid
18. Where you grew up?... here
19. The last thing you did?.....diaper
20. What are you wearing?....comfy
21. Your TV?.... big
22. Your pets?....messy
23. Your computer?.... red
24. Your life?....fufilling
25. Your mood?....bummed
26. Missing someone?....Matt
27. Your car?...Functional
28. Something you're not wearing?....socks
29. Favorite store?....Target
31. Like someone?....friends
30. Your summer?..... full
32. Your favorite color?.... blue
33. When is the time you laughed?...Addilyn
34. Who will blog this?.... Steph, Amanda, Kari, Jen, and Sarah
36. Food....cookies
37. Favorite
38. house.... messy

See now, wasn't this fun!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Welcome to my new blog! After having some problems with MSN, I decided to give in to peer pressure and have a blogger account. So, everyone who reads this, take this moment to add this to your favorites and delete the other one.

The nice thing about this is it has video support. Here is some exciting footage of Addie, who just figured out how to roll! She is also grabbing things, giggling, and babbling up a storm. This age is fun, so much more than the whole newborn thing.

I wish Matt was home to see this, but I guess he will just have to live it through the video. Matt is in Palm Springs this week. He left on Thursday and gets back on Thursday. He will be home until Sunday when he leaves for Hawaii. As my buddy Jen pointed out, this was the trip I went with him on last year when I told him we were prego!

I have a few cute pics of the girls, I just found them matching PJ's and thought it was really cute. Now I know why my mom used to dress us girls alike, its fun and they are too little to object!

Edited to add: Ok, so I haven't quite figured out the whole formatting thing. I'm working on it!