Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ok, guess where I am...most of you already know, but Jenny didn't! I am in Roanoke! I decided a few months ago (with help and prompting from my husband) to come out for a visit, oh yeah, and NOT let Jenny know about my plan. Well, it worked, I managed to keep it a secret and she was very suprised.

Here is how it went down: after a full day of travel (3 different airplanes)I arrived in Roanoke about 7 pm. Mark met me at the airport and we waited for my bag, which has yet to show up (a whole different story). He takes me to the house and brings Addilyn in, who he takes up the stairs and tells Jen he found left on the front step. Jen is not fooled, she recognizes Addilyn right away from her pictures, and starts crying " The Crockers are here?!". I come up the stairs and we hug and cry. Gosh, I've missed her!

We have had a lot of fun so far, just hanging out and getting caught up. T and I have been playing and baby P is just as cute as he looks in the pictures. I have taken some pictures which I will down-load when my bag gets here. Oh bag.

So, I waited until the luggage spinny thing stopped. No bag, not a good sign. The guy comes out and tells me that there is nothing else on the plane. Off to customer service. I wait for 15 min. for someone to come over to the counter, all with a baby who was done traveling hours ago. Finally someone come and tells me my bag in in TN. They don't know why, but it should be delivered later that night and they will bring it to the house. Next morning, no bag. I call and she said it will put put on a plane for later that day and will arrive about 6pm. Off to Wal-Mart for...everything. At 9pm, still no bag. Mark calls for me and finds out my bad in now in Little Rock, AK. Today is Saturday, I still have no bag and am now glad I bought the 5 pack of undies at Wal-Mart. My bag has the charger for my cell phone, which is almost dead. It has the cord for my computer, all Addilyns stuff and all my stuff. Addilyn can wear P's stuff, but its a little big, and he is a boy. I am a foot taller than Jen, so I can't use any of her stuff.

I hope my bag comes before Church tomorrow!


Honeycutt Family said...

I'm so excited that the surprise worked out! I wish I could have seen Jenny's face! Priceless! :)

That really stinks about your bag. I hope it shows up soon. What airline was it?

Have fun! Wish I could be there with y'all!

Shiloh said...

I went to Poland several years ago, and the girl traveling with me never got her bag. Six years later and they are still looking for her bag...

The good news is you're still in America and they know where your bag is. When you're traveling across seas, it's a little harder to find your bag.

j said...

Sorry to hear you lost your bag!! My dad has been traveling there a lot for business and hates the long day of travel. But he has yet to lose his bag! I'll tell him he's lucky ;o) That is especially hard with a baby. Hope your bag comes soon!!

j said...

p.s. this is jenny, kari's friend, haha. my name just posts as j.