Thursday, May 14, 2009

I don't wanna

-I don't wanna fold the load of laundry that I have already had to re-wash one due to neglect.
-I don't wanna answer anymore questions from Elie including but not limited to "What did God make cat's out of?" and
-I don' wanna call any more doctors offices to be told "no". Why is it that if I wanted to kill this baby I wouldn't get any flack, but since I want to give birth to it (instead of it being cut out of me) that no one is interested in helping me? What happened to "my body my choice"?
-I don't wanna deal with the trash can full of nasty diapers that is sitting in my hallway smelling up the upstairs. I hate taking out the trash
-I don't wanna have to look up all the groceries adds on line AGAIN because for some reason the mail man has decided he hates me and not longer puts them in the box.
-I don't wanna make dinner....and I'm not going to.
-I don't wanna deal with yet another hormone headache. Time to drink a coke and pop a Tylenol.


Kari said...

Those definitely don't sound like fun things to do. Tackle half the list nothing tomorrow and tackle the other half this weekend. :-)

I can add a I don't wanna list too because this is my night to go home and clean everything that has been neglected for two weeks...I don't wanna!

Valerie Moore said...

Here's a hug, Gretchen. This won't last forever and you're in the thickest of it right now being pregnant with two others!!

McHam Family said...

Awwww friend! I wish I could help! None of that sounds like fun at all. I'm so sorry. Tristan asked me recently where God sleeps. Without putting much thought into it I told him God doesn't sleep. Now he asks "How come God doesn't sleep?" about a million times a day. And he has decided now he doesn't need to sleep either. God has lots of very important things to do and he takes care of everybody. He probably needs help and Tristan is willing to give it to Him. How can I discourage this? And should I??

Honeycutt Family said...

I hear ya, girl!!!!! Especially about the endless 3 year old question...ugh!