Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm not great about keeping up on world events. Two children have MASSIVELY shrunk my sphere, but none the less, I do attempt. This is something I read this morning: This got my goat enough for me to blog about it.

For those of you without the time, let me sum up the article: the UN spent a couple BILLION dollars on an initiative to improve the health of children in poor countries only to find out it really didn't make a bit of difference. Noble, yes, but completely misguided.

Now I know I am not comparing apples and oranges here, but this is what worries me about Obama's big health plan. The massive amount of tax payer money, my money (ok, well, Matt's) being used to finance a program that is chock full of holes. The UN can at least claim ignorance about not knowing it wasn't going to work. Obama can ask Hawaii how the whole government run health care thing turns out (they had to close down there program because it was a money sucking hole)

What would happen if instead of government run programs, they used my money to help the programs that are already established and working in neighborhoods? What if the UN gave the money to the organizations already helping people in the countries? I am all for great health care and preventing death in children, my heart breaks for the billions of dollars that have done nothing to save this kids. The government has a LONG, well established history of jacking up programs, (ask anyone who has to use a VA)can we please give someone else a chance to manage the money for a bit?


Denise said...

Now, how well do you think the government going to run the health care program when they can't even run the "cash for clunkers" for more than five days?

McHam Family said...

Oh my gosh Amen sister. Mark likes to ask, "How much do you like going to the DMV? Well get used to it because that's what going to the doctor is going to be like." Yay.