Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am getting to the point in my pregnancy where I am questioning the wisdom of my gym membership. I am too uncoordinated for the elliptical (which is actually the case when I am NOT pregnant too, but that is a whole 'nother post) I look a little silly doing Zoomba. In an effort to not waste the money, to escape my children and to not hit beached whale size, i am exploring other options, the most recent being water aerobics.

I have a friend who refers to that class as the "water Buffalo's" and lets just say I don't feel to bad in a swimming suit next to most of the people in the class. I also drop the age mean by at least 30 years. Over all the class is great, I like the water and can work up a "sweat". The people are nice and I learned you can get a pretty decent work out. It has also been enlightening in other ways. Mainly in regards to old women and nudity.

I am not really all that modest. I don't get uncomfortable nursing in front of people, changing at the doctors office or in the locker room. Next to these old biddy's I look like a nun. They shower with the stall open so they can talk, they walk around without towels, the put in there rollers without any clothes on. Yesterday I had the joy of hearing and seeing 3 ladies serenade a fourth with "Happy Birthday". While I enjoy a festive spirit as much as the next girl, I think the song takes on whole new meaning when you sing it in your birthday suit.

Please don't think I am judging or making fun of these sweet women. There really is something refreshing about women totally excepting the way there bodies look and there friends for what ever they are. These days my body image isn't that great, and it is so good for me to be reminded that this is really only a shell that will get wrinkly and baggy in time. Who I am is so much more than a body. I will strive to surround myself with girlfriends who love me for what I am so when that day comes, we too can be the naked broads strutting our stuff unashamedly around the locker room.


McHam Family said...

I can't wait!!! :) :) :) It must be so refreshing!!!

song said...

Priceless: old women singing happy birthday in their birthday suit!

Honeycutt Family said...

That will be US one day...ha, ha!
BTW--You are gorgeous inside and out, friend! :)