Tuesday, June 7, 2011

House hunting in Jersey

Well, I guess this makes it real. I am in Jersey, looking for a place for our family to live.

The trip out here was hell. I don't mind flying and am fairly patient when it comes to some delays and things as such, but this was ridiculous. I won't go into the whole thing but let me sum it up: plane struggled to take off from CO, layover in Ohio, plane still had mechanical issues, should have landed at 9 pm and didn't end up rolling in until almost 3 a.m. Oh, and we landed at the wrong airport.

The next day we made tracks...after very large cups of coffee and sleeping in a bit. Our idea was to rent out here, but then we saw the market. Houses that were selling in the half million range are down into the high $200's. So, we could throw away $50k or so over the next few years renting a house, or we could roll the dice and assume the market will rebound a bit and buy a house. There are sooooo many to chose from! We could even take a loss selling the house in a few years and STILL come out ahead of where we would have been if we rented. We scrambled and got pre-aproved and are now hunting.

If your interested in looking where we are looking, go to zillow.com and put in Bogota, NJ. This is really close to Matt's work and a cute area close to the city too. I was going to post pictures, I brought my camera and everything, but the card reader on Matt's computer isn't working.

Here http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/196-Dumont-Ave-Dumont-NJ-07628/37875200_zpid/#{scid=hdp-site-map-bubble-address} (forgive the obnoxious hyperlink, blogger doesn't play well with the newest version of internet explorer that Matt has on his computer) is a link to a house we looked at yesterday and LOVED! It was built in 1900, is in a super cute area of town but is currently priced WAAAAY above market value. This is also a little farther than we were hoping to be, commute time would be about 20 minutes.

So today is another day of house looking. It sorta freaks me out that we might put an offer on a house within 24 hours of deciding to BUY a house. And it is crazy that we will own 2 houses. Does this make me a grown up?

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Jennifer McHam said...

oh my gosh - how exciting! hopefully the lower housing market will mean you don't have to sell a kidney to get into a house... But it will be YOURS which will make moving there so much more comfortable. I don't know why this was the case for me but once we bought a house I always felt more settled and not so temporary. Best of luck friend - Can't wait to hear all about it!!