Friday, October 28, 2011

Babysitting Instructions

I am a mediocre homeschooler. I don't have a time of day when we put on our "school hat" and sit and do worksheets. I consider making pancakes math for the day. We are reading Charlotte's Web together and that is vocabulary. Science is usually when we google something, often pictures of what new baby is looking like today. Or when we find an exceptional worm in the back yard and Eliana wonders why she can see through him so we grab our magnifying glass. We do practice handwriting but I have yet to do anything about the face Eliana is confusing b,d and p,q, she will figure it out.

The other day Eliana informed me that she was the mom and I was the babysitter. She was going out for a nice dinner with her friends and it was just for grown-ups and it was my job to watch the babies. She then handed me my babysitting instructions.

Just in case you don't read 5 year old, let me write it in "grown up":
Be home at 1o
at first
feed them
then clean up
Then put on
Then read
then put to

I love her spelling, it is so much like mine. I love that she chose to write this by herself instead of doing a worksheet of some type. I guess I am not screwing her up too much. Maybe we will make it through this home schooling thing after all.


Jennifer McHam said...

love love love it!

Honeycutt Family said...

So cute! Their handwriting and spelling is so cute at this age! And Grace confuses "b" and "d" too. She also gets the sound for "y" confused with "w". They'll figure it out eventually. :)

Sarah said...

Ha! She is sooo the oldest child.