Thursday, December 1, 2011

A our house

- We have 2 light triggered puzzles, one that is farm animals and one that is musical instruments. At any given time, they randomly start playing the violin or meowing like a cat. Disturbing when you turn out the lights in the evening only to hear paino music and a moo.

- I am much to aware of the rest of the family's bowel habits. Why is it that I seem to be the only one who remembers to flush?

-We go through cups at an alarming rate. I am pretty sure there must be a very thirsty elf hiding somewhere drinking copious amounts. My dishwasher is full every night with cups and Matt and I are the only ones tall enough to reach the cup cabinet.

-I washed a least 2 dozen pairs of little girls underwear this week. I do laundry, all laundry, every week. Which of my children is doubling up on the panties? By my count I should only be washing 14 pair a week.

-I find legos in the dryer, ponies in the bathtub and puzzle pieces between the sheets. Yet I can't find two matching socks. How can this be? I am not throwing away socks, so they must be here somewhere. When ever I find/wash sock, I put them in the drawer. The same Elf who is using my cups is stealing my socks.

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noelle said...

I can so relate! Polly Pockets are the worst toys ever. You will find those tiny shoes Every.Where! As for cups. My kids all have a color. If you can't find your cup, you don't get a drink. All the cups go through the dishwasher every night. But there are only 8 of them now. Instead of 20.