Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birth Story of Jamison Drake Crocker

Not everyone likes to hear how a baby made his way into the world. If you are one of those who just wants to know that baby has arrived and everyone is doing great, then read no further than this paragraph. Jamison Drake Crocker was born at 10:45 on Friday morning, May 18th. He is a big, healthy boy weighing 9lbs and 2oz and is 21.5 inches long. Mama and baby are doing great, sisters are in love and papa is proud.

If you are still reading, consider yourself warned. Birth can be messy, and while I have every intention of keeping this non-stomach churning, not all stomachs are made of the same stuff.

On Thursday night, Matt had to be in the city for a press event. Around 10:00 I texted and asked him for an ETA and he said he would be home around midnight. I took my very round self and went to bed.

I slept fitfully, big and uncomfortable and being woken up by contractions every so often kept me from falling into a deep sleep. At 3:00 am I got up only to find Matt wasn't home. I was irked, uncomfortable and all around grumpy. I placed a very annoyed call to find my errant husband and took a hot shower hoping to get more comfortable. Matt was soon home and feel dead asleep, I still couldn't get comfortable and got up to wander the dark house, not wanting to time the contractions but having enough that I figured this might be the day.

Around 6:00 I woke Matt up and had him use the contraction timer app to see how far apart things were. After about an hour of contractions lasting one minute every 3 to 4 minutes, Matt woke his parents to tell them they were on "kid duty" and that they would most likely have a grandson by dinner time.

By 7:45 Matt called the midwives. They asked how I was handling everything, if my water had broken and if I could still talk between contractions. We were doing fine so they said to check back if anything changed or in a half an hour. Matt called them back in 15 minutes and they were at the house by 8:30.

I have to admit, I don't remember much about them showing up and getting there things layed out. Everything was pretty intense and it took all I had to manage each contraction, which were coming about every 30 seconds and lasting up to 2 minutes. I was sitting in the rocking chair, Matt held both hands, the room was dark and the midwives didn't intrude. Every so often they would reach over and check the baby's heart beat to make sure he was handling everything ok. Since my water hadn't broken, he was doing great.

About this time I was reconsidering this whole home birth idea. Drugs. I wanted drugs. And a nap. And I decided this baby could stay in forever for all I care. I felt like he was trying to crawl out my tail bone, to witch my midwife helpfully pointed out that it was because I was sitting on his head. After suggesting many times, and me ignoring them, that I needed to get up, I finally caved and agreed to go to the bathroom for a shower.

I made it 4 steps. My water broke and baby quickly descended. I remember thinking "he's coming!!" and after a couple of pushes while sitting on a birth stool and about 10 minutes he was born into my hands at 10:45. He immediately started screaming his little pink head off. The midwife pointed out that he wasn't given all that much notice before he came rocketing in to the world, his head wasn't cone shaped and his nose wasn't squished. He was perfect and chubby and mad as hell.

The placenta took its sweet time delivering and the midwives gave me a shot of pitocin to speed things along, along with some herbs. I still ended up loosing a fair amount of blood. I needed a couple of stitches due to his speedy entry into the world and large head, but other than that we both came through the birth perfectly.

 Me meeting Jamison, seconds after he was born. He screams like a Crocker baby :)
 Big sisters are in charge of counting fingers and toes. They are all there!!
 Getting to meet everyone! 2 out of 3 big sisters were very impressed. Annabelle just liked his froggy towel.
 Eliana getting to know her baby bro. Then Addilyn took her turn

Home birth is such a beautiful thing. I was never alone during labor, a midwife, doula or Matt was always with me. And let me just say what a rock star Matt was, I couldn't have done this without him. Baby Jamison never left my sight, there was no rush to measure, weigh and wash him. The midwives took there time making sure we were all ok before they left. I was left with herbs and teas for recovery, they checked back that night and the following days and we felt so cared for. I am grateful for my friends in Tapan, New York, since a birth at my house is considered illegal by the great state of New Jersey. I am so blessed that my in-laws got to be here and meet the baby seconds after he entered the world. What a great experience.


Anonymous said...

Awwwe Love it thanks for sharing! : ) Michelle D'Ambrosio

Anonymous said...

Awwwe Love it thanks for sharing! : ) Michelle D'Ambrosio

Sarah said...

Love hearing your story. Man when he decided he was ready to be born, he didn't mess about!

Brenda muntz said...

I love it. Congrats!

Honeycutt Family said...

Yay! He is precious! Can't wait to meet him! So glad that all went well. Love you guys! :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet. I love that on paper both he and Taggarty were born here at our house! On paper but not in reality :)xx


Denise said...

And thank you, our dear dear daughter in law, for allowing us to be there in God's miracle of life. It was so amazing!! And to see Jamison just seconds after being!! Everything was so very blessed.

Erin said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like it was a beautiful home birth just as it was meant to be. Delightful!

Jennifer McHam said...

PTL!!! Love it!!! Beautiful story.