Friday, October 19, 2012

Breast Friend

Some children have imaginary friends. My son has a best friend already, who isn't imaginary, but seems to be along the same lines. My son loves boobs, mine in particular. Yes, I am sure when he is a teen this post will embarrass the crap out of him, its ok, we have a therapy fund set up for all our children. We sort of expect to screw them up and figure the best we can give them is Jesus and a good therapist.

I have happily breast fed all my children. I do this because it is unequivocally best and because I am cheap. Somewhere in my head I once upon a time believed it would help me lose weight. That dream died so I enjoyed another brownie. All of my children have enjoyed nursing, and I pretty much have always enjoyed it too.

My son takes this to a whole new level. At first I would say it was a newborn thing, and then I blamed it on a growth spurt. Now lets just call a spade a spade, it is straight up gluttony  The chunk has fat rolls...on his wrists. We are working on a third chin.

The child loves to nurse to go to sleep, like most babies do. But he also loves to sleep latched on. If I am ninja like sneaky  I can unlatch him and lay him in his crib. He will then wake up and scream like someone is ripping out his toenails because he fell asleep and someone stole his booby. If not sleeping while sucking, he is using my chest as a pillow.

One day, he will outgrow this. I will just be mommy and not dinner. The funny thing is, that almost makes me sad.


noelle said...

I loved nursing my babies, too, and I was so sad when Jack weaned himself at 13 months. My funniest nursing memory? I had fallen asleep nursing Jack. Duane came upstairs to bed and baby and I were flat on our backs and Jack had his hand firmly around a nipple. Even in his sleep he was staking his claim.

Denise said...

Don't tell Thaddaeus that he was ditto Jamison.....