Sunday, November 18, 2012


 This is the fairy birthday cake. I wanted to get these cute little cup cake wrappers with little paper toppers with fairies. Eliana told me that wasn't very creative. She didn't want CUPCAKES but a real CAKE and she wanted me to make the fairies. Right. I will get right on that. Annabelle just nodded.
 Each child who came got fairy wings, a wand, a butterfly hair clip, bright colored fairy hair and a necklace. The were all beautiful.

I think all children's birthday parties should include alcohol  Not for the children. For the poor parents who throw them...and the ones who are forced to attend. This years theme for Eliana and Annabelle's birthday was "Fairy Garden". Of course Matt was in Korea the whole week before the party. And the week before that we were recovering from Sandy. It was a feat to pull off, but we did and the girls seemed to have a lot of fun.

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