Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am an introvert.

OK. Maybe that is a misrepresentation. I am PART introvert. I live in a weird tension between being someone who loves people but needs space. I have been out of my space, my home, my life rhythm for the last month as I spent time with my family and friends in Colorado.

I loved it.

I loved having coffee with people I usually am forced to only enjoy over the phone. I love hugging my niece and harassing my nephew. I shopped with my sister. I went out with my dad. I spent lazy mornings with my mom.  I hugged on my friends kids, slept in their beds, and spent hours of quality time with people who matter to me.

And now I am grumpy.

I am home, or at least where my possessions happen to reside, and I feel like I need to curl up with a book and lock myself in a room to "recharge". I have lost my balance, I spent too much time OUT and not enough IN. I don't really have good words for it, for the feeling of wanting to hide from the world.

So now we start the drum beat of normal life and it feels good. I miss, oh how I miss, being close enough to hug those I love.

So life is lived in the tension.