Friday, February 1, 2013

A Very Snowman Birthday

I am not sure when it happened, my sweet little AJ getting so big. But it is official, she had the 5 candles to prove it.

 This girl, who so boldly marches to drum beat in her own little heart. The kid who chose to be a donut and and IPad for Halloween. The kid who chose to have a Snowman birthday, with brownies, not cake or cupcakes. The kid who wanted to go out for ice cream to celebrate when it was single digits. She is so awesomely herself. And now she is 5.
 So snowmen we had, in the shape of pancakes  her favorite food. Along with eggs, sausage and applesauce. The friends came over and we made indoor snowmen from a dough of baking soda and shaving cream. It was a giant mess, and oh so very much Addilyn Joy.
I am beyond blessed to be this girls mama. I am grateful for her each day. I love her spirit and her spunk. I can't wait to see the amazing adventures she is sure to undertake and the woman she will become. It is going to be quite the ride.

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