Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Months old

This kid is 10 months old. 2 months away from his first birthday. That means I have been 10 months without a full nights sleep. Who am I kidding...it has been more like 7.5 years.

Jamison is a busy little man. He crawls. He cruises around stuff. He stands. He has made it a personal mission to eat as much nasty stuff from off the floor as he can. He has about 8 words and several signs. He is SUCH a ham and loves to make his sisters laugh. He also has quite the temper (*sigh*) and when told no or removed from something he is not supposed to be in to he will arch his back and SCREAM. Oy.

This poor dude was also the victim of my most epic mommy fail moment. The other morning I set him on the floor to get him dressed. As I was sitting right next to him, he reached over and put his hand on the humidifier. The one that is usually off during the day and I had yet to unplug. I immediately grabbed him but the damage was done. His poor baby hand was fried.

He screamed...and didn't stop...and I can't blame him. Nothing hurts like a burn. Off we went to the doctor (SOOO glad our pediatrician has Saturday hours) Burn cream, bandages and time will heal his boo boos, I, on the other hand, will be in need of therapy.

He has been such a trooper through it all. He is on new meds, has a busted paw and is still such a sweet little man. He is pretty sure the world orbits around him and despite the chronic lack of sleep, I am so glad he is in our world.


Anonymous said...

What a trooper!

Gretch - it happens. This is why no one remembers their first 2 years. If we did we would all be pretty scarred I bet!

Anonymous said...

This is Sarah Cieto by the way.