Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What is love?

"Baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more..."

Maybe the rest of the world doesn't think in song lyrics, but I do.

Valentines Day. The haters call it the "Halmark Holiday" and while I am usually the first to be skeptical about all the things, this is a holiday I enjoy. Actually, I believe we should have MORE days that focus on love and making other people feel special.

My kids love Valentines day. Maybe it it the cherry coffee cake cut into heart shapes (a tradition I have continued from my mother) or the little boxes of chocolates or the little gifts from grandparents. It could be the party at school and the extra games and treats. But I chose to believe its more than that.

My kids are good at loving. Most kids are. Us adults have all these ideas about the "right" way to love someone, about the "correct" path to romance. Kids just like to love. My kiddos have been creating handmade Valentines for their family and friends for the past several weeks. My oldest wrote something she loved about each of us, along with a picture she thought we would enjoy, in each card. On Valentines day we delivered homemade cookies and card to friends and neighbors, with a special focus on those who might feel extra alone.

I got my love spicy almonds and dark chocolate and spent the day texting him poorly written, naughty poetry. He spent a bunch of time making me a book with pictures and things he loved about me. We ate an amazing dinner as a family, even Grandma joined in.

I love love. I love reasons to celebrate people I love. I learn (daily sometimes!) from my children on how to love better, richer, and more authentically.  They are never shy to ask to be snuggled, or to say they need kisses and hugs. They are willing to be the first to love, embracing the vulnerability it takes to toss your heart at someone elses feet and hope for the best. When I grow up, I want to be like that. I want to be brave in my love, I want to be willing to ask for love and give it with no strings attached.

So here is to the haters, I won't wish you a happy valentines day, I will only say that I hope you took the time to truly love somebody and be loved in return.

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