Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On my mind

- Why is it that I am the only one in the house who hangs up wet towels? I am also in charge of keeping track of the amount of t.p. left, all toilet cleaning, finding socks and everything else that disappears. What, exactly, is my job description and why don't I get paid more?

- I am not fat, I am currently...fluffy?! I think this is how the math works:
high school weight+10 lbs= college weight.
College weight+ 5lbs= married weight.
College weight+10 lbs per each child born in the last 12 months+ 5 lbs per kid over the age of 1= mommy weight.
Mommy weight-a lb per hour of free time you have each week= adult married weight.

- I have started my Christmas baking. This actually balances everything out. I eat some of the baking, but give it a week and I am so sick of smelling, looking at and being around the junk that I end up giving most of it away.

- Christmas cards. Do I bother? Does anyone really read them anyway? Everyone I care about knows what is going on in my life. They know what my kids look like. They don't really want a picture of me.

-Through a good friend, I just got a pair of fake Uggs. Love them. Not water proof. In CO I think you can get away with wearing them with just about everything.

-I love snow. I hate when it melts and makes the yard all muddy and I feel like I spend my life cleaning dog paws. Really bad since Addie spends most of her time on the floor. She eats everything. You do the math.

- I have closet vomit all over my bedroom floor. I share a closet with Matt and have enough clothes to wardrobe half of CO. It comes in 4 sizes. See above for explanation of why. I doubt my size will ever been in the single digit's again. I should just mourn the loss.


Elizabeth said...

You are hysterical Gretchen! Post a pic of you in the Uggs!

Kari said...

Your post cracked me up.

And you're not fluffy...in fact yoga is treating you quite well these days! Keep it up - you look fabulous!

McHam Family said...

You are so funny :) !! And WE WANT A PICTURE OF YOU & YOUR FAMILY! Even though Mark still marvels at the fact that I knew Addie the second I saw her... :) You must be a good blogger...... ;) ! Counting the days......

Sarah said...

Amen to the weight definitions. I guess I am just ahead of the game, since I have gained all of that and haven't yet had babies.

I love pics of the family!

P.S. you should totally take a cake decorating class. It is only like $22 for 4 weeks at Michaels

curlyjo said...

Maybe I just wasn't that skinny in high school but your "fat math" makes me feel very very good about my 15lbs of extra cushion. By those #'s I should be approaching 200 lbs...next time I look in the mirror I'll say, "It could be worse" and then go eat a cookie.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Closet vomit!!! I am so using that one... ;)