Monday, December 8, 2008

By the Numbers

-1- Number of showers I have taken by myself in the last 2 weeks. Yes, I have taken more than one shower. For some reason both girls seem to sleep better if they take a shower instead of a bath at night. Since Elie is too old to shower with Papa anymore, that leaves me. Who says "3's a crowd?"

-4- Number of long sleeve shirts I bought at Target when they were on sale. Finally, someone realised that not all women like to have the belly/butt crack showing. The shirts are long, with sleeves that actually cover my wrists and they wash up great.

-14- pairs of shoes that Addilyn has in size 2. Yes, I know, the child doesn't walk. "Hi, my name is Gretchen and I have a problem with shoes..."

-1/2 tsp- Addilyn's dose of Tylenol.

-4- number of hours between doses. She is getting teeth. Or she has a cold. Or something that Tylenol fixes.

-3- Times I do yoga a week. I really like. Who knew I would ever say that about any for of exercise?

-4- Types of Christmas cookies made so far. We have dark chocolate dipped short bread, revel bars, ginger molasses cookies and fudge.

-10- Number of pounds I would like to loose. The chance of this actually happening in the next few months is slim. See above.

-20- Number of times a day that Elie makes Addilyn belly laugh. I'm not sure why she is so much funnier than I am. I guess I just can't compete with silly faces and farting noises.


Honeycutt Family said...

*I need to go check out Target for these shirts you speak of!
*When am I invited to come over for a snack of some of your yummy Christmas cookies?
*C'mon! I'm sure you can definitely make Addilyn laugh by making some GREAT fart noises! :)

Denise said...

93-the number of snowball cookies I sent to Luke along with homemade oreos and Christmas M&M bars.