Friday, February 6, 2009


So I have lost the love of blogging. I have always believed it is a narcissistic pass time, yet enjoy it anyway. I have found I easily spend entirely too much time tied to my computer. By the time I check Facebook, e-mail, friends blogs, etc I can easily waste an hour, if not two, of time. A friend of mine just blogged about the same thing. Yes, I get the irony of a blog post about not blog posting, but alas, here it is:

I just read a good friends blog about my blog. A great leader here in Boulder, Kevin Colon wrote this:
“Hugh moved to Denver to do a training deal for an organization and he ended up starting a church. His blogging is not incredibly frequent but when he does blog….it’s good!”
Now, while I’m humbled that a man like Kevin would even want to read my blog, I figured it was a good time to state once and for all why I only post once or twice a month. Simply this……..”I prefer to spend my time with people.” I’ve always wondered how people have time to read blogs, let alone write the darn things. I only write when I’m jammed between two people on a plane, or stuck in layover at a bad airport. Other than that, I haven’t got time to be a good husband and dad let alone a good writer. The Tangible Kingdom only got written because I committed 3 nights a week between 11:00pm and 2:00am, for five months, to do it.
So let me throw my bias out to the world, (which is only about 50 people per day). If you have time to read more than two blogs a day, or if you’re writing and posting your own blog every day….you’re not spending enough time with people!!!! I know some of you monastics may get a little frisky over this, but it’s just simply true, at least if you’re married and carry some burden for a local church community. You just can’t spend your time listening to everyone else’s story if you want your own story to emerge. People in need, empowering mentor relationships, time in the pubs with spiritually disoriented folks, great bonding with your spouse and kids, essential leadership over your own church or in your churches, etc, is where the time must be spent.
Listening to Mark Driscoll’s sermons, watching YouTube videos for hours on end, posting strange thoughts to other strange blogs, going to conferences, or pastor prayer breakfasts have to get the big chill!
If you’re in agreement, but you recognize you’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to web-based information, I suggest you give as much time to people as you give to your computer. If you pull that off, you’re on your way to recovery!
You know some of this is tongue and cheek so don’t get too cranky with me.
Take care,

I guess that is it. I decided this year that I want to be more present in day to day life. It is so easy to be consumed with minutia of life and really forget to be present in the moment. The computer is just like t.v. It is a way to keep from interacting with those who actually matter in your life. Do you really care that the friend from High School's status update says they had a cheeseburger for lunch, do the characters on "Lost" actually matter? This is my problem with blackberries and i-phones too. It makes it too easy to check out of real life and do mindless chit chat with those who your not even in real relationship with. It becomes a fall-back time-filler that keeps you from having to think of something better to do with yourself, like read a book to your kids, put your socks in the hamper or even converse with the people who you love.
* steps off soap box and away from keyboard*


Kari said...

Amen girl...excellent, excellent points.

That is partially why I don't have cable or internet at home: I know I would find myself indulging in it rather than doing other things or spending time with people.

If it wasn't for the fact I'm in a mind-numbing job at work, I wouldn't have half the time to blog. So when the day comes that I get a job I love, you'll see fewer blogs. :-)

Enjoy the kids, enjoy the husband, enjoy life!

Honeycutt Family said...

I've been grappling with this too lately. Great post, Gretch. What I really need to "back away from" is Facebook. That sucks up most of my time. I've been ignoring the blog world a lot lately, but focusing more on FB. Not good.

So, does this mean that you are done blogging for good???

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kari, you forgot to account for those bored at work. Trust me we would rather be investing in people than checking blogs but it doesn't look like your working if you are standing around chatting :)

McHam Family said...

Please please please don't stop blogging! I love reading what you're up to when I don't have time to hear it on the phone like a more decent human being!!!

Sarah said...

Though I understand the sentiment, I have to second Jenny McHam. Don't stop, I love the little Elie and Addy stories! I love seeing pictures of your life.

Don't discriminate against us out of town folk :-)

Gretchen Crocker said...

Thanks for the comments, girls.

No, I am not going to stop blogging, I use my blog as a journal and a way to keep up with my much loved out of town crowd.

mainly, I just noticed how easy it is for me to "check out" and not be present in life, so I am just going to try and be more aware.

I don't judge those who play on-line at work, I totally understand that!

curlyjo said... what's wrong with narcissism? I'm very very interesting, and I'm absolutely positive that you will be a better person for having read my inspiring and challenging posts :)

curlyjo said...

very weird...just occured to me that I think that I know of this Kevin Colon...small world.

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