Monday, March 9, 2009

Economics 101

Lesson 1: Spend less than you make

In my house, we have a set income. If we spend more than what Matt makes, we have a problem, it leads to debt. Debt enslaves and in American we pride ourselves on freedom. I thought I would be done talking about politics when the election was over, apparently not. Kari and all else who's eyes just glazed over are welcome to leave the class.

Bailouts. Economic Downturn. Stimulus. What would happen if the government lead by example? What if Obama issued a decree that all areas of the government must reduce cost by 20% except the areas that help provide for those in need, so that they could pay off debt? What if Obama let the company's who made bad choices and paid the executives way too much just go under? What if the government created a plan that reduced government debt over the next 4 years instead of increased it?

Times are tough but we have been here before. Even in the worst times, Americans don't have it bad. We may loose our homes and our jobs and all the shiny possessions we hold so dear. We don't starve to death, we are not hunted and killed, we are still educated. We have the freedom to find and even create work for ourselves. The times of economic down turn give all kinds of opportunity to the "little guys" and the inventors.

The market will come back up and the American people need to learn what it looks like to live within there means. Enough bad loans and credit card debt, if you can't pay cash you will have to wait until you can. I am not heartless when it comes to those in need. I think Christians have an amazing opportunity right now to show Christs love, what really matters and to lend a hand.

I am not on my soapbox as an Obama hater, I really wish the best for the guy and the whole country. I am not speaking from excess, we are middle class, one income. We drive a used car, we only have one. We are working hard to pay back debt and live with in our means. I want our girls to see a good example, I want our country to get over its lust of "stuff".


Kari said...

They glazed over for a bit, but I re-focused...just for you. ;-)

Good thoughts...and good points. Who knew...spend less, save more.

McHam Family said...

Preach it sister. I don't think now is the time to redecorate the golf course with green golf carts.

McHam Family said...

(NOT THAT WE DON'T NEED TO BE MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS, just that we don't need to invest in new furniture just because we're touching up some paint. To keep with the redecorating metaphor.)

Honeycutt Family said...

I really like your last sentence--American people in general are WAY too into "stuff" and "excess". That needs to be reigned in, in my opinion!