Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interview with Elie

Who is in your family: "you are, I am, Addie, my bubas and my puppies are"

Who is your favorite person: "you"

What do you love to do: "Play with Addie"

What don't you like to do: "Obey"

What is your favorite thing to eat: PBJ pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes

What don't you like to eat: "ants"

What is your favorite thing to wear: Dresses

What makes your angry: When you spank my buns

What makes you happy? Hugging you and giving you kisses

Where do you like to go: Starbucks! thats my favorite place

Where don't you like to do "Go to the store, but I do like juice"

What does mommy do: help Addie

What does papa do: Work at California

What makes you laugh: When I do this (sticks out tongue)

What do you like to do for fun?: Go to Graces house, I like to play a lot

Who is your friends: Gracey, Miss Kit

Why does otis bark: Because he is a puppy

Who runs fastest: Otis...or bunnies

What do you want to be when you grow up: A mommy with furry hair

Where will you live: A my house

Who else will live there: You, cause your part of my family.

Will you have any babies: Yeah, but when I am a kid I won't.

How many: 3

What are there names: Baby John, Baby Pierce and Baby mama

Are they boys are girls: Girls


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That is so adorable. She is so charming!

Honeycutt Family said...

Too precious!!!! :)