Thursday, October 15, 2009


Although I am sure you are rivited by all my intellectual prowess, I figured it might be time to show off my beautiful children along with some quick updates:

Eliana: Soon to be 4, she is pretty sure she knows just about everything. Loves books, creating things, she can write her name and loves going to MOPS and bible study. Over all, a very sweet natured girl. Elie hasn't showed a lot of interest in competition or athletics stuff, but she loves to play outside. Plays very well with her sister and is a natural care taker ( and bossy as anything) She loves animal, her bed is full of them. We play pretend all day long. She is really getting into her doll house too.

Addilyn: Going on 2, is much fiestier than her big sis. Quick to lose her temper and just as quick to recover, loves to cuddle and wrestle. Would follow her sister to the ends of the earth. A natural vegetarian, still overall a lousy eater. She is a ham, loves to make people laugh (especially herself) Much more daring than big sis, is pretty sure she can conquer anything that comes her way and loves to climb. She is talking a bunch, which makes life so much easier for everyone.

Baby #3: Should be here in the next 1-5 weeks. Growing well, they think she is pushing about 6 lbs already. Head down and very active, still doesn't have a name.

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