Friday, October 16, 2009

Urgent Care

We went on a nice family walk last night, stopped at the park and played in the leaves on the way home. When we got home, Matt and I were making dinner in the kitchen when I picked up Addilyn. I noticed she had something in her eye...and it was big. It was a chunk of leaf! It didn't seem to bother her at all, so we decided to wait until after dinner to see if it would just wash out by itself. It didn't. Our next plan was to rinse her eye out with saline solution. That didn't work either. I was afraid to let her go to sleep with it in her eye, so off to urgent care we went.

Our Urgent care is very close to our house, they already had a file on AJ so the whole process was quick. The doc basically did what we did and used a q-tip to get it out. We left leafless and with a prescription for antibiotic drops for her eye.

I am thankful for good insurance and close medical care.

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McHam Family said...

OH MY GOSH! So glad she's ok!!!