Sunday, February 13, 2011

You know your raising girls when...

-The black lab is walking around wearing bows and a blue necklace

-You have to remove an entire herd of my little ponies from the tub before you can shower

-Doing every ones hair before leaving the house takes at least 30 minutes and always ends with at least one of you in tears

-You sort laundry into four piles: white, lights, darks and pink. You can do at least one entire pink load a week

-Your children have more (and nicer!) clothes than you do

- You get several comments on your outfit, from make-up to shoes, and they don't come from you husband

-There are enough shoes in your house to outfit an entire day long as the day care is all girls

- You start to believe that "sparkly" and "beautiful" are synonymous

- You are forced to play the prince and kiss all the princess so they can wake up and get married at least twice a day

-Drama stops phasing you in any form

-You over think the roll of Barbies, princess, and beauty in general

-You have a list of people in your life with whom you can no longer be friends after your daughters hit puberty because they are raising boys...cute boys.


Sarah said...

Love it! Your girls are so fun!

With regards to boys (your last point) as they say "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know"

Jennifer McHam said...

ahem. I hope you're not talking about me and our boys. You better still be friends with me. And you better say my boys are cute. Both. How will you get out of this one??? ;)

curlyjo said...

amen to the sparkly/beautiful synonyms