Thursday, February 24, 2011

In New York...

...Concrete jungles where dreams are made of..." Feel free to sing along.

Pretty sure when I am gone my girls are equal parts happy to see me return and sad that whom ever was taking care of them has to leave. We are blessed to have such great people in our lives to care for our girls. Thank you Rich and Crystal!

If you hadn't put it together yet, I just got home from a couple of days in New York City. It was a blast, I'm pretty sure I didn't see the back of my eyelids for the night any time before midnight the entire trip. We went to underground clubs, karoking, shopping, out to yummy dinners, to a Broadway show and hung out with friends until all hours. Least you think all I did was play, I had a 12+ hour workday on Monday to earn my keep.

Here are some things I learned on our trip:

-In a city where you do mostly walking/cabs/subway winter SUCKS. Its cold. It is windy. You can either choose cute shoes or practical ones. I have a shortage of practical shoes.

-When they say "City that never sleeps" they are not joking. Dinners start at 9 or later. Clubs don't get hopping until after midnight. Its fun, but for a suburban mother of 3, it is exhausting.

- Being gluten free is a pain in the neck. Surrounded by great food and only being able to eat a small percentage of it is such a bummer. On that note, Dean and Deluca has a fab gluten free chocolate orange muffin.

-I like having independent friends. Kari was with me this trip and it was so much fun! I have done the whole tourist thing in NYC but she hadn't. That brave girl navigated herself all around the big city part of the time, we would meet up, but it just worked out awesome.

-Note to idiot parents: It is not ok to let your 3 small children run around a very busy airport terminal playing tag. It is annoying. To everyone. Congratulations, on behalf of the rest of humanity who is sick of dealing with your undisciplined children, I hear by revoke your right to reproduce. And fly. And be in public until you teach your brats some manors.

The trip was fun but I am so glad to be back home with my girls. Matt flys in today. Poor baby had to stay an extra day so he could go to the Niks game. In the luxury suite. Oh the life we lead.


Jennifer McHam said...

welcome home you fancy shmancy you!! can't wait to hear all about it!!!

curlyjo said...

Ha - I know those kids in the airport....pretty sure anyway...or I've met kids like them....