Monday, April 4, 2011

My life plan

Some people have "bucket lists", which I admire, you know how I LOVE myself a good list. Strangely enough, I have yet to make a bucket list. This totally seems like something I would love to do; I love a good plan and lists make me unquestionable happy...maybe I can add "bucket list" to my "to-do" list.

While I don't have myself a handy dandy "bucket list" I do have a well organized life plan. I assume God has some plans of His own for my life and I am more than happy to switch to His plan at any time. But until I see the sky writer/direct message from God, this is what I am going to be doing:

1- Move to Jersey for Matt's job. Ok, so he doesn't actually HAVE the job in Jersey but a plan has to start somewhere. Live in Jersey for a couple of years, home school Eliana and work on getting my parent educator certification so I can practice as a postpartum doula and parent educator.

2- Move back to Colorado. Enroll Eliana at Montessori Peaks with Addilyn. Work on growing my nest egg for a few years until all my kids are in school.

3-Start my second business (my first being my roll as a parent educator). A coffee shop/kids play area. Cooler than Monkey Business, more like The Wonder Place but with a nice coffee shop in the front. Have a class room on site where we do children's classes (music, art, science) during the week and birthday parties on the weekend.

4- Run both businesses for a while until kids are Jr. High age. Move to Haiti for a year or two with the whole family. Start a woman's education group with Pwoje Espwa and Mothers Global village that teaches impoverished women how to start their own businesses to support their families. Offer micro-loans to get them started. Train one of the women to take over the school and return to America

5- Upon re-entry to US, enroll my kids in High School. Take my businesses back over. Get all kids out of the house, happily enrolled in the college program of their choice. Work on writting my first book, maybe a "mom humor" type or maybe something else. I have a while to decide.

6- Matt and I sell our house and RV around the country for a year or two. Once the kids are out of college, start traveling the world. Continue my writting, maybe free lance for a mag or two.

7- Get our girls married off to nice, Jesus loving boys. Buy a small place to retire. Enjoy grand kids while supporting the missions work we started. Die happy :)


Sarah said...

Great plan! You have inspired me. I am going to make myself a plan too ;-) It's good to have a plan even if God then changes the whole plan around along the way.

And I love that you are looking into getting your parent educator certification. So cool!

When you become a writer just remember who proofread all your papers in high school. I might need a different gig by then.

Jennifer McHam said...

Big happy heartfelt sigh :)
That sounds - so - stinkin - cool.
Great life plan!
Now get busy makin mine will ya??

NLWilliams said...

This all sounds's so funny that you mention your Monkey Business/Wonder Place coffee shop, b/c a couple from our church has spent the last year getting their version of that exact thing off the ground.
It is so far only the coffee shop part b/c the cool gym they want to do is SO expensive and crazy with insurance, but their goal was always to have it be a coffee shop for the moms/dads and the play place for the kiddos.
They call is Gymocha (Gym - Mocha).

song said...

I love this plan, except for the move to Jersey. You can be my doula for my next birth, I will be educated by you any day on parenting, and I totally want to rv across America in an airstream. Your plan meshes well with my life!