Friday, April 1, 2011


I am blessed for MANY reasons: I live in America, I live in the beautiful state of Colorado (for now, at least), I was raised by parents who loved Jesus and I HAVE SISTERS! If you would have asked me when I was young if sisters were a blessing you would have gotten mixed reviews depending on the age and when you caught me. As an adult I have grown to see what amazing women my sisters are. They are so different from each other and from me and I admire so much about them. They are hard workers, amazing mothers, great wives and have so much to teach me. I am so glad we are close. When we had Eliana, I prayed that she would have a sister. God must have really been listening because she ended up with 2! My girls are buddies. They play for hours on end, take care of each other and even thought they sometimes drive each other nuts, they really do love each other. I thank God that I have sister and that my girls do too.

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curlyjo said...

We adopted for many reasons - not all of them selfless. I wanted, really really wanted, my daughter to have a sister. 'Cause I'm with you Sis, sisters rock.