Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jersey 101

We are finally feeling like the concept of "settling in" might be within our grasp. After almost a month of Gypsies living, we have a house and a learning a bit about our new home state. Here is what I have discovered:

- Everything is expensive out here. The power company wanted $700 to put the bill in our name.

-People out here take everything very seriously. You can imagine how well that goes over with someone like me...who takes nothing seriously. The next time I have to listen to someone lament about how someone "disrespected" something or someone I am not sure I will be able to keep the snarky comments to myself.

-I actually heard someone use the phrase "Fo getabout it". I had to suppress a giggle.

- I saw a woman at Target with big hair, a glowing "tan", daisy duke denim shorts, a net top over a leopard print bra. I so wanted to snap a picture, but couldn't figure out how. And she was remarkably fast in her 4 inch platform stilettos.

- Good hair days don't exist for me out here. My normally "fluffy", slightly curly hair that I can straighten with little effort is unmanageable here. I am considering shaving my head. I put Carrot Top to shame. If I had no pride I would post a picture of the insanity.

-What they say about people out here being rude is true, sadly. No one makes eye contact or smiles. Cashiers don't even acknowledge you with a "hi". People don't bother with common courtesy's like returning carts, granting "right of way", or picking up their own trash in the park. On the other hand, people are responsive if you are friendly, so maybe there is hope.

- I take 3 different highways to get to Ikea, which is less than 10 minutes away. I get on a highway to get to my grocery store, which is less than 2 miles away. I have no idea how people navigated this state before GPS.

-I am pretty sure the people of southern New Jersey have nothing in common with the people of Northern, where we live. Which explains my Colorado friends Jen and Jodi who are formally Jersey girls of the southern variety.

I will keep you posted with other lesson I learn in this state :)


Sarah said...

Hey lady!

Love your comments/insights so far. Funny, my reaction to some of the stuff you mentioned was "So why is that a problem?" Guess it's the east coast girl in me ;-)
I love your curly hair
Why do I want to talk to the cashier?
Highways are faster. Faster = Good
If they wanted me to put the cart back, they should have put that cart thingy closer
It's called aggressive driving - it's not rude, they are just better at it than you are ;-)

Just remember that beneath that gruff, somewhat abrupt (some may say rude), hurried exterior, there are most likely some really salt of the earth, good people. Just not as cuddly as these colorado people off the bat.

Honeycutt Family said...

I like Sarah's comment (esp. about the driving). Ha! :)
Yes, South Jersey and North Jersey are 2 completely different worlds, in my opinion (though my hubby doesn't agree).
Thinking of you guys and praying for your family during this transition....

Denise said...

I shared this with the family in our church who are very familiar with NJ and they were cracking up. My hair can't even handle CA...much less NJ. And I've heard the same thing about north NJ and south NJ; kind of like northern CA and southern CA.