Wednesday, November 30, 2011


In a given month, the Crocker family goes through:

6 gallons of whole milk
8 dozen eggs
6 lb of banana
10 pounds of cheese
3 large containers of yogurt
8 lbs of apple
6 lbs of pairs
12 packages of frozen veggies (corn, peas, spinach, Brussels sprouts, mixed)
3 lbs of baby carrots
3 lbs of applesauce
2 large containers of cottage cheese
4 loaves of normal bread (2 of gluten free)
1 giant tub of peanut butter

Today, I am greatful for a husband with a good job and Costco.


Jennifer McHam said...


Erin said...

Ha! I tell you...groceries are painful. :) We go through 6 gallons of milk a week (at least). You have us beat with the bread and PB though. We only use 4 loaves and 1 jar. :) But like you...I am so thankful that we have the ability to buy our groceries and feed our children.