Sunday, July 29, 2012

All about a Penis

Once upon a time, long ago, we were expecting our first child. Not knowing wither the child was to be male or female and being a first time mom, I devoured any and all information I could. I formed many opinions, most of which I disregarded as the reality of parenting collided with the " and the plan is..."

Three little girls later, we found ourselves with considerably less opinions and more children. When we discovered another child was on the way, and the child was male, we found one opinion yet remained. We would leave our son intact.

Before having babies, I must say I gave very little thought to penises. I am a girl with all sisters and it wasn't exactly a dinner conversation at our house. But when I found myself facing the reality of raising a boy, I just couldn't get my head around loping off a piece of a perfectly healthy child for no good reason except that it exists. The research and science backed my choice and so our son has remained as God crated him.

If you are interested in the reasoning, feel free to read the below. If you are feeling of strong stomach (and are not at work) watch a video of a baby getting circumcised. If you find yourself completely freaked and blushing about the fact you just read a blog post about a penis, sorry about that.

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