Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Date Night

I love those articles that say good couples with healthy marriages have regular date nights. I would like to meet these couples, see if they live a thousand miles away from family, have 4 children 6 and under, and the extra income to toss around to baby sitters for watching said 4 children.

Pardon the snark, but sometime reality gets in the way of date night. I don't exactly have a line of people begging to watch the kids for free and by the time we pay a baby sitter we have enough money to go sit in the parking lot of a nice eatery and drink a slushy from the gas station, and we would have to share the slushy.

So we improvise. Tuesday is the day we pick up our CSA share. We also get our cheese and fresh fruit. So, at the Crocker house, Tuesday is "date night". 

Our girls are in bed by 8:00 or so. Baby boy usually crashes by a little after that. We get a cheap-ish bottle of wine, wash some yummy fresh veggies, pull out some cracker and olives to go with our cheese, and slice up some fresh fruit. We sit at the table, no cell phones or ipads, no tv on, just 2 grown ups having a nice conversation. 

Often our date is interrupted by a little girl with a bad dream or a baby who needs to eat, but that is reality. Maybe one day we will be the happy, healthy couple who wears something other than yoga pant with a t-shirt and a nursing bra on date nights, but for now, this will do. I will be grateful for mediocre wine, really great cheese, fruit and veggies, and a husband who has low standards for date attire.


curlyjo said...

Matt wears a nursing bra to date night? A little, um...odd, but who am I to judge. I've never been accused of discerning taste, and maybe it's an east coast trend I am unaware of;)

Honeycutt Family said...