Thursday, March 6, 2014

My kids didn't get dressed today until after 10. I am wearing yoga pants and a hoody...which almost doesn't count as getting dressed at all.

So far today, the girls have painted their nail and had a "spa day". Eliana created a party for everyone, complete with making homemade brownies. The girls dressed and packed their dolls to go on an adventure, which to them to the swings in the back yard. There was a puddle and stick that made for some great painting on the back patio. The bunny was released from his cage and the girls fed her various green and growing things trying to figure out her favorite. Then they made her a salad. Jamison has driven his car, thrown the ball, stomped in the mud and fed the bunny a carrot. The weather is awesome, so everyone is currently wandering around the back yard while eating lunch.

I suck at home schooling.

We have done nothing school related all day, and I don't really plan on it. Not a worksheet has been filled out, a text book opened. I am not really sure that I care.

I watched this the other day. My already unschooling bent was affirmed but my traditional/education background freaks out every so often, telling me I am setting up my kids for failure.

But what if...

What if instead of focusing on a precisely measured and plotted line of education, I focused on giving my kids a stellar childhood? What if I said "screw it" to grade expectations and instead focused on life long skills that are often overlooking in traditional schooling? What if I go through each day with my "end game" as my focus?

This begs the question, what exactly IS my end game?

The answer is a bunch of adjective that bounce around my brain failing to line up nicely in a mission statement. I like mission statements, so this is slightly unsettleing for me. The words that come to mind when I ask myself what I want my kids to grow up to be are as follow: happy, loving, kind, intentional, always growing, purposeful, adventurous, brave...

I am not sure how diagramming a sentence or solving algebra equations helps any of this.

So I think I have a new goal. My goal is that my children achieve a "adiquate" education and an amazing childhood

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