Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Traveling with two small children is interesting to say the least. Especially when your flight doesn't even leave Denver until 8 and your kids are used to going to bed at 7. Elie was awsome on the plane and Addie did fine too.We made it to our hotel by a little after midnight. Elie was awake the whole time, until we got into the car to come to the hotel. Both girls were up by a little after 5 am.

Yesterday we spent the day in the hotel, recovering. We shopped for lunch munchies last night so Elie and I wouldn't have to eat out mid-day. We also went and bought a swing at Babies R Us, which we will return at the end of the week. Yes, I know, thats not cool. We just didn't know what else to do.

Today we are hitting the pool. Elie loves vacation because I let her watch as many cartoons as she wants. We also brought some of our new Discovery Toys, which she loves to play with. The have the best educational toys for kids her age, its all the kind of stuff I used to use in my classroom, and Elie likes the challange.

Elie can't wait to go to Donald Ducks house (Disney). Grandpa Skip and Grandma Karen are meeting us there. Some little girls love princesses, but not Elie, she couldn't give a rip about the girls. She loves the old school cartoons, you know, the really politically incorect ones where the mice get drunk, Donald shoots guns at chip and dale, and they all beat the crap out of eachother. Don't blame me, Matt is the one who got her hooked on youtube videos.

Matt has my camera, so I will have to post some pictures later.


the donovan family said...

Have lots of fun in Cali! I have to know how you flew all night like that. We will probably have to take an all-night flight from portland to orlando next month. Aaahh!

McHam Family said...

Sounds like fun!!! can't wait to see pictures!!

Kari said...

Enjoy that San Diego weather...I'm so jealous. You know I LOVE that city.

Hey, I was just reading my journal last night and came across some entries from Paul (Navy helicopter pilot from Coronado) and all our late night convos. It was pretty entertaining to read everything in light of things I've experienced since then...but that was back in June/July 2004. Wow!