Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crocker Updates

-Elie fell off the patio today, much drama ensued. She banged up her face pretty good, it sorta looks like we beat her, fat lip and all. Her leg is scraped up too. This is the first of many boo boos for the summer, I'm sure.

- Addie is a peach. She wakes up once a night to eat still, but is a good sleeper other than that. She is rolling both ways, can sit supported by her hands, and loves to laugh at her sister. I like this age so much more than the newborn-paperweight age.

- The stupid summer thunder storms make my dogs go nuts, it is getting a little old.

- Sony is doing some restructuring that Matt is not thrilled with. His job is not in danger or anything, but he is starting to wonder what else is out there. The travel is getting pretty old.

-I am teaching some summer school in July and am strangely excited to be back in the classroom. It will be nice to use my brain a little bit.

- We had our first harvest from the garden- radishes. Elie was NOT impressed, but she thought they were fun to pick. I had to Google Radish Recipes. There are a surprising large amount of things you can do with a radish. Who knew?


Honeycutt Family said...

I hope little Elie is ok after mean Miss Jen let her fall and hurt herself! :(
Let me know when something yummy comes from your garden that you have too many of and need to give away. Radishes?!?!? Ick! :)
Love ya,

Sarah said...

Aw...poor Elie!

Well you inspired me with your gardening and I have started growing herbs. I have a black thumb, so I thought I would start with something simple. It's going well and I love having the fresh smell as I sit out on my deck.

P.S. Started blogging again, just took months of harrassment and a new blog page :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Gretch, saw your comment on my blog. Seriously, you have to try out It's where I get all of my books now, and no late fees :-)

Sarah said...

Interesting predicament..

Maybe ask some of your bookclub friends if they have some books to donate. Then you can pass on some of the good books you get, so it's a win win.

You could also purchase a few books at a second hand book shop and then post them online.

Kari has my copy of A Severe Mercy, so maybe you can borrow it after she is done.