Saturday, April 18, 2009

Aloha from Waikiki

We made it! Wednesday we went down to Pueblo to drop off the girls and Friday morning we left snowy Denver for sunny Hawaii. I remembered how much I hate long flights, especially while pregnant. I feel like I pee every 10 minuites.

Last night we made it in time for the evening show. We had a quick bite and were in bed by 9. A 4 hour time change and day of travel can really take it out of you. Today we enjoyed breakfast overlooking the ocean before Matt had to catch a flight for Japan. Mom and I spent the day by the pool. We are now back at our room, showering and getting ready for a stroll and some dinner.

I hear things back at home are going less smoothly. Addilyn has pink eye and an ear infection and Elie is fighting a off another infection of her own. It kills me to be away from them when they are sick, but I know Nana has got it all covered. It always suprises me how much I miss the girls when we are away.


McHam Family said...

Oh. my. goodness. Well, at least you're having a good time! I hope the girls feel better soon!!!!

Honeycutt Family said...

Can't wait to see pics! Have fun and see ya when you get back. Hope the girls get better!!!!

Honeycutt Family said...
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