Monday, August 24, 2009

School Dayz

School crazyness is starting and I am so glad to be spared from the maddness. I have been struggling a lot lately with what I believe to be true about childhood. Here are some of the very loose conclusions I have come to:

- I am a big believer in protecting innocents. Maybe this is the same a "sheltering", I don't know. All I know is I believe my girls have the right to be innocent for as long as I can let them.

- Early childhood should be about play, not stress. Elie doesn't compare herself to other kids yet and I love that. Kids should be playing in dirt, running around, living in a pretend world of there own making.

-I don't care when my kids learn academics. Elie will learn to read and add, I don't care if she is 8 before it happens because no one will care once she is 25.

-Life, education, parenting...none of this is "one size fits all". Don't tell me what is best for my kid and I will trust you to raise yours.

-Boredom is a good thing, it make Elie come up with all kinds of games and activities that she wouldn't do if I had her life scheduled all the time. Today we stayed at home and she sailed my Tupperware all over the world.

I don't see us going "traditional" when it comes to schooling these kids. Who knows where we will end up, but I am glad I have a few more years to get to know my kids before i have to decide.


Kari said...

Thanks for sharing your open heart about these issues...I am always so inspired by you. Your girls will be brilliant and amazing no matter which academic path you chose.

Elizabeth said...

My G Rose goes to a couple (yes, I said a life is complicated) preschools (during my school year), but this is more out of necessity...I'm not too concerned about her academic progress just yet. (That sounds so funny typing it out...academic progress)

I totally hear you about kiddos will learn when they learn and the whole boredome thing is GOOD. And their innocence most certainly needs protected.

I mean, SHEESH (and I say this all the time) but you're in kindergarten, and begins and it's a non-stop highway of academics. Before you know it you're done with grad school, looking for a job and wondering when your next vacation is. need rushing these things. Preach on!

This from a girl who is starting career #2 and has had so much school it's not even funny. Egads...this is it for me.

Sorry for the long response. I couldn't agree with you more...

Honeycutt Family said...

Great post, Gretch. And I only skimmed the link, but don't you just LOVE "no child left behind"? (include sarcasm font) It is a shame that our children feel so much pressure to excel and be the best at everything at such an early age.