Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Matt and I have always prided ourselves on being at the very cutting edge of popular culture. We spend countless hours and dollars to achieve this higher goal. These last two sentences would benefit from the use of a "sarcasm font" if such a thing existed. Matt and I are both more than happy if we just have clean clothes to wear in the morning. I am thrilled if I stay presentable until noon. The closest thing we get to pop culture is our free subscription to "Entertainment" magazine. We had to relinquish our "cool kid" cards with the keys to our Jetta in exchange for a couple of kids and a mini van.

Occasionally we participate in a trend and get be "with it" for the duration. After all, if you give enough monkeys laptops they will eventually reproduce Shakespeare's works, so stranger things have happened.

Last weekend, we were cool. We participated in the trend of "Stay-cation". Instead of jet setting to some posh location like we usually do, we chose to budget our time and money wisely, in light of the economic down turn, and stay close to home. We invited Craig and Denise to join us (Matt's folks) and headed down to Colorado Springs.

We arrived late afternoon at our Embassy Suites (we are high rollers, after all) and enjoyed the pool before dining at the local Outback Steakhouse. We came back to the rooms, entirely to stuffed to even consider dessert, put the children to bed and enjoyed some adult conversation.

The next morning we enjoyed a hot, made-to-order breakfast in the atrium before heading out to the local living history farm. The morning was spent in the early 1800's before heading back to real life in Littleton.

Our "Stay-cation" was a success; easy to get to, easy to pack for, and enjoyable. Bonus for feeling oh-so-trendy while doing it.


Kari said...

Good for you guys - that is so awesome! I love that idea!

McHam Family said...

You rock! That sounds like an AWESOME trip!