Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am at the very fun stage of pregnancy where I want to eat everything not nailed down. And if it is nailed down, I might just gnaw on it for a while. Food tastes great, I can think of a million different things I want to eat for every meal. Taking all that into account, I can see why this may not be a really exciting blog post for those of you who are not eating for two. It should also be noted that I am very fond of all things kitchen gadget. This is unfortunate due to the microscopic size of my kitchen. I mean, there are those living in New York City with kitchen bigger than mine, which can lead to some storage issues. It may also be important to note that I hate to clean and usually choose to cook to avoid cleaning and my floors are in a sad state right now. Don't even get me started on my bathroom. But I digress...

I have tonight's dinner cooking already. Some may want to believe that it is because I am so very on the ball, and if you are one of those, please re-read the above. Tonight's dinner will be: scalloped potatoes with ham, green beans from the garden and mixed berry crisp. I can hardly wait. I am so antsy to eat this meal that I thought I might as well blog about it. Besides the fact I am knocked up and ravoness, here are the other reasons tonight's dinner is so exciting to me:

1- I am using my 2 sided crock pot to cook the crisp and the scalloped potatoes at the same time. I also had a great excuse to use my mandolin slicer on the potatoes and onions. That is 2 cool kitchen gadgets I just justified owning.

2-Ham. We don't eat it often but Elie really likes it. I only like it in things, you will never (even while pregnant) find me craving a ham sandwich but I do like it in a few dishes. Ham was on sale, and I love a deal as much as a kitchen appliance (and if the deal is ON the kitchen appliance..) I got this ham for $.88 a pound and that is some cheap protein.

3- I love "fix and forget" meals. This one takes about 4 hours on high or 8 on low. No stress dinner time.

4- I am using 2 new recipes. One that I read in the long check out line at King Soopers (while buying ham) and the other from a fantastic book sent to me by Jenny called "Quick and Easy Gluten Free". I love that girl, she always has my back.

For those of you who wish to enjoy a meal of scalloped potatoes of you own, let me share how I made them. Of note: I am a terrible instruction follower, so this isn't really how the recipe goes. After all, I only read it in the check out line so I was working from memory and a pregnant ladies memory is like a sieve on a good day.

"Easy Scalloped Potatoes"
Potatoes sliced thin (maybe 6ish)
Onion sliced thin
Ham in chunks (about 1/2 lb)
Shredded Cheddar Cheese (a cup should do)
Jar of Alfredo sauce
Make layers the ingredients listed above until they are gone.

There you have it. Quick and painless, especially if you have a cool mandolin slicer for the potatoes and a 2 sectioned crock pot you can toss dessert into.


amanda said...

I'll see you in a couple hours.


McHam Family said...

You. crack. me. up! It all sounds FABULOUS and I don't even like ham. (But the boys LOVE it so I'll sometimes get it just for them and dive into the carbs myself.) Mark brought home about 4 lbs. of venison from the land. Oy. I had to cook it last night. I have decided I may not even be a carnivore anymore. Can't wait to see you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!! PS - Your 2-sided crock pot sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!