Monday, October 4, 2010

By the Numbers

at my house you will find:

-3 little girls in their beds, all who should be taking naps, none who are.
-1 crock pot full of pork spare ribs cooking in apple cider waiting to be grilled up for dinner
- 6 baskets of laundry, some clean, some folded, some just waiting
- 3 kittens, one black, one white, one gray, all naughty and dangerously cute
- 1/2 a pan of brownies that was baked last night
- 2 tubs of ice cream, chocolate and vanilla
-7 shoes of various sizes in the hallway and yet not one that makes a pair
-1 mug of half drunk, now cold, decaf coffee
- 1 sink full of dishes and 1 full dishwasher because I forgot to buy stuff to make more detergent
-4 un-made beds because in the grand scheme of things, making beds seems like such a waste of time
-1 man, home for 7 days before he heads off to Canada, Italy and Germany
-1 brand new dinning room table with 4 chairs and 1 bench

And you will find me. A 30 year old teacher, mother of 3, wife to one, who has not had a full nights sleep in almost a year. I am off to put the smack down on chatty 4 year olds, ornery 2 year olds and wiggly babies. Wish me luck.


Kari Marie said...

Haha...very cute...and sort of sad (the part about missing sleep - that makes me sad) ;-)

Jennifer McHam said...

Only one year? Isn't Elie almost 5??

You are very good at your job. All of your jobs :)

I also have an ornary 4 year old who refuses to nap today. The smack down has cometh and it was laughed at. Does not make me feel tough. Good lcuk to you fellow warrior in your battle for rest, peace, and calm.