Monday, October 11, 2010

Five in a Row- Runaway Bunny

I am an addict. I can't help it, is is something I have loved from a very young age. Books. I have shelves of them. I read several a week. I like true stories and mysteries, things that challenge my thinking or leave me dreaming. I have raised children that love books. Nothing makes us happier than sitting together with a new story.

There is a curriculum out there called "Five in a Row" that is all based on quality children's literature. I have had the book for a while and just not gotten on the ball to use it. Matt knew it was driving me crazy so last week he gave me a couple hours to go to Barnes and Noble and get my act together. The idea is you pull from a story your science, math and literature concepts. it is a christian based book so there is some bible learning in there too. You read the same book for 5 days, each day you discuss something and do something. Here is our plan for this week:

Book: The Runaway Bunny

Discuss: Bible
God's love is everlasting: Jeremiah 31:3 and Psalms 139
Do: Memory
Talk about what bunny pretends to be and what mama pretends to be

Discuss: Shapes
Round. Talk about how we call circles, disks, and spheres all “round”. Find in the story
Do: Math
Circles hunt. Find as many of the above as you can in the house

Discuss: Classification, talk about the different animal you see in the story
Animal Classification: Same and different
Do: Science
Animal Fun: Sort beanie baby animal by “same” and “different”

Discuss: Language
The word “scarecrow”
Do: Large Motor
Dress up like a scarecrow

Discuss: Illustrations
Ink sketches and color painting
Do: Art
Color a picture using several different shades of the same color. OR do an Ink drawing.

Field Trip
Pet store to visit the bunnies


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Valerie Ruth said...

We are big fans of FIAR too!!

Denise said...

This looks like so much fun....I wonder if it was around when my boys were little, little. I can sure see why Elie wanted to keep on doing more.

Erin said...

We love love love FIAR!! Our library had most of the books. The boys still talk about them and ask often to do a FIAR story. I found the first 3 FIAR volumes for cheap on Ebay. It's fantastic!

Honeycutt Family said...

Totally stealing this...