Sunday, October 17, 2010

Five in a Row- Caps for Sale

Discuss: Bible- Proverbs 6:10-11 Sleeping when you should be working
Do: Vocabulary-find all the "new" words we don't know (peddler, caps, etc)

Discuss: Types-What kind of hats was he selling? What other kind of hats are there?
Do: Art-Create our own hats out of paper

Discuss: Emotions-Talk about all the ways the man felt
Do: character-Show how we can handle each emotion in a right way. Play chrades and act our each feeling and let papa guess what it is

Discuss: Ways to carry-Why did the man carry things on his head? What other ways can we carry things? See pictures of African Women
Do: Large Motor-See how many hats you can balance on our heads while doing different activities

Discuss: Math-Count hats of each color and monkeys
Do: Money-Count out money and find all the different ways you can make .50

Field Trip: Zoo to visit the monkeys

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