Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am not a fan of socks. I wear flip flops in the summer and slip on's durring the winter. I own socks but rarely feel the need to wear them. Matt steals my socks. He is an avid sock wearer, which I believe many men are, and he looses/destroys his own so he steals mine. I have taken to buying pretty socks just so they will stay in my drawer. He is never desperate enough to reach for the pink argyle.

My children don't wear socks which isn't all together shocking considering the battle over undies. But now it is winter. To earn my ever fleeting "Mother of the Year Award" I feel the need to make my children wear appropriate foot attire when it is under 30 degrees and that means socks. Eliana always whines "but I can't FIND any". I thought she was being dramatic. I went into the sock drawer, which is FILLED with socks. Single socks. Baby socks. I sat for a good 20 minutes and sorted the socks. I found several pair of matching socks...in sizes that would maybe fit Annabelle. I found princess socks, but not two of the same princess. I found red, pink, baby blue, striped and white socks and out of the whole drawer I found only 3 matching pair.

Where do socks go?! I am sure I buy them in pairs. I am a little behind on laundry but can't imagine any socks are in there because MY CHILDREN DON"T WEAR SOCKS! In my defence. I have found many a small animal tucked into my girls socks. Apparently, when not being used as footwear, socks make terrific sleeping bags for all sorts of doll's and toys.

A long time ago, maybe at my baby shower when everyone was passing around great motherhood advice, someone mentioned socks. I believe they said "buy all the same kind, in white". That sounded like no fun. I am pretty sure I completely disregarded that advice all together. And that is why my children's sock drawer looks the way it does.

Once again the "Mother of the year Award" has slipped through my fingers. Don't mind me, I am just off to target to get my children socks. White socks. All the same kind.


Jennifer McHam said...

I heard the "white socks" part but not hte "all the same kind" part. I have a dozen different kinds of white socks (because, let's be honest, boys don't look so hot in princess socks anyway) but the same socks are never on sale at the same time. T needs socks, P needs socks, or they both need socks - ALWAYS. It's like the laundry just keeps getting dirty. And we don't have the added trouble of using them as sleeping bags! Good luck friend!

Kari Marie said...

I am even tempted to buy my own socks that way. Black socks for work and white ones for working out. Even I am baffled with just my two feet how I lose socks around my teeny tiny house and end up with orphans...