Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In 5 seconds:
-Annabelle can flip over and escape a diaper change, naked hiney flashing as she crawls down the hallway, stopping only to pee on the floor and giggle.
- A one year old can fill your cup of coffee with what ever was left on your breakfast plate. Eggshells can really ruin a cup of joe.
- A 2 year old can completely forget what she was supposed to be doing and get side tracked by just about anything.

In five minutes:
- A baby can completely empty a cabinet of Tupperware
- I can take a full shower including washing my hair and shaving my legs
- My girls can go from best friends to mortal enemies
-I can start a load of laundry, brush my teeth, put on my make up and find one shoe

In five hours:
- I can get all 3 girls down at the same time for a nap
- I will have made 2 meals and at least one snack for 5 people
- A five year old can pretend to be a princess, a vet, a mommy and a monster
- A clean house can look like a tornado hit

In five days
- I will make a least one trip to the store, the library, a fast food joint, a gas station and some nameless activity decided upon by my children.
- My eldest daughter learns some basics of reading
- I will make at least cook enough to feed at least 75 people a meal, not counting snacks

In five years:
-I go from teaching others children to teaching my own
- I learn that I really had no idea how truly selfish I was
- I gain a deep understanding of sleep deprivation, have gained over 75 pound and lost it again, and believe deeply that there is no better thing for a child than time with mommy


Kari Marie said...

Good post idea!!! Man, you're one busy Mom!

Jennifer McHam said...

Love it! Good job Super Mommy!!!!