Wednesday, March 7, 2012

20 Questions

Life at the Crocker house has been plugging along nicely. Matt didn't travel hardly at all in February and it was so nice to have him around. And then his boss quit. Oy.

As often as not, my husband is now coming home frazzled, stressed, overwhelmed and feeling like he just can't keep up. He is doing the work of several people, basically managing 1 billion dollars of business. His travel schedule is now booked from now until this baby shows up and he still is going to be behind. Maybe even another trip to Korea. The guys is stretched thin.

When he comes home from work, the man is mobbed by small females who are pretty sure he hung the moon. My girls LOVE daddy time and Matt usually manages to rise to the occasion. By the time the girls are in bed the guy is done. It would be so easy to turn on the television and ignore each other for the rest of the night until we stumble into bed. And sometimes we do.

Some days we can rally. Matt brews a pot of decaf, I bake some cookies, we sit and have a real conversation. By the end, we feel more refreshed and connected than if we had vegged out in-front of the boob tube. I try to remember this on the hard days, that it is worth working to make our relationship work. Yes, it is hard at the end of the day when I have nothing left to give, but I chose to spend the rest of my life with this man and I don't want him to become a stranger. I came across this list (did I steal it from a friend? Can't remember) and it helps on the nights we are tempted to just sit and stare at each other.

20 Good Date Questions for Married Couples to Ask Each Other to Ask Each Other

1. What are four or five things which attracted you to me before we were married?

2. What "bad" thing has happened to us that we have laughed about later?

3. What is one of the most romantic times we have had together?

4. What are a few of the most romantic things I could ever do for you?

5. Tell me a time when you really felt close to me. What made you feel that way?

6. If walls could talk, what would ours say?
7. If you could keep just one memory of some past event or period of time, which would it be?

8. If we had two days alone together, what would be your idea of how we could best spend the
time? Why?

9. What could I do to best help you in the next 30 days?

10. What do I do that makes you feel really loved?

11. If you could change anything about the way I treat you, what would it be?

12. If you were to take your first name and make an acrostic describing your life’s purpose, what
would each letter represent?

13. In what simple way would you like to see me grow personally in the next 12 months?

14. What two or three problems, if solved, would make the most positive difference in our

15. What things produce the most stress in our lives?

16. What’s the What’s the greatest stress now? How might we overcome it?

17. If you had just six more months to live, how would you spend them? What would you
do? Where would you want to go?

18. How would you describe an ideal day? Weekend?

19. What would you see as my three greatest strengths?

20. What are the three most important things we could do with each of our children in the next

© 2011 (Permission to copy is granted if credit is included.)


Denise said...

Thank you so much for being my son's excellent wife, helpmate, lover, friend, encourager, and that you do him good and not evil all the days of his life. Matthew can rise up and say, "Many daughters have done nobly, but you excel them all" Your worth is far above jewels!

Kari Marie said...

I love that list! It is important to continue those conversatives and allow time to self-reflect and know what your partner needs!

-Says the girl who only goes on first dates...

Kari Marie said...

I love that list! It is important to continue those conversatives and allow time to self-reflect and know what your partner needs!

-Says the girl who only goes on first dates...

Honeycutt Family said...

Totally stealing these, you know! :) Where is your "Pin It" button? LOL!
So glad you are making time for one another--so important, esp. with baby #4 on the way! :)