Monday, February 13, 2012

Christian Siriano

Sorry about the lousy picture. I would love to say I have some great ones, but I didn't feel like hauling my camera around with me.

So, I survived my first fashion show! It was a lot of fun, a very cool venue, and it is always a kick to watch Matt get treated like a VIP. We were greeted at the door with VIP passes because we were on "the list". We were escorted to the back where the models were all still in street clothes. The clothing was laid out, press and family were around and Matt chatted with Christian and got some pictures done. They shot some video and asked if I wanted my picture with Matt and Christian, which I did not. I was already towering over my husband in my heals and Christian is a good several inches shorter than Matt! I felt like the overstuffed Jolly Green Giant.

We watched the practice walks down the runway, found our seats and waiting for the show. The venue was PACKED. The show was great, I actually really like his stuff. Here is a link if you want to see what we saw. The show itself is only about 20 minutes long.

After the show we were invited into the back, and I am sure to the "after party", but, being the rockstars that we are, we had to get home to our baby sitter. Over all it was a fun afternoon spent in the city with my husband and an item to check off my bucket list.


Sarah said...

Beautiful dresses, although I have to say I think the see-through shirts and no bra sees impractical ;-)

Glad you had fun. That Christian really is a peanut huh?!


Honeycutt Family said...

I totally had to look up who the heck this guy was and then laughed when I realized he is the one that Amy Poeler used to impersonate on SNL--"FIERCE!"

Yeah, I don't know all!!!!! Glad you guys had fun! :)