Friday, February 24, 2012

Oatmeal Taste-test

Sunday mornings are hard, and I bet not for the reason your thinking. Every morning, all week long, Matt gets up with the kids. I am not a morning person, and while I don't really get to "sleep in" since Matt has to leave for work, not being on duty first thing helps me enter the day with a better attitude. Sunday Matt sleeps in and I am up to bat. I try to have a good attitude and I find I do better if I have a plan in my head about breakfast and am not trying to problem solve in my cold kitchen with 3 small, loud, hungry people demanding sustenance.

Sunday morning us girls got creative. My children are not always great at trying new things food wise, so I thought we would make it a game. We started with something they will all eat, oatmeal, and went from there. The girls chose the mix ins and 2 out of 3 of them tried all varieties. Annabelle wasn't quite as willing to eat everything. To our oatmeal sample tray we added blueberries, apples and cinnamon, nuts and bananas, peanut butter and bananas, chocolate chips and "normal", which at our house means butter and brown sugar.

Eliana decided her favorite was chocolate chip. Addilyn decided she liked peanut butter and banana, which was my favorite too. Annabelle just likes it normal. Over all, a Sunday morning success. The girls tried something new in a fun way, everyone at a good breakfast and I drank my coffee in peace.


Unknown said...

That looks like a lot of fun! And what a great idea.

Unknown said...

And I am your mommy-in-law and not unknown....gotta figure out how to change that.