Saturday, June 2, 2012

2 weeks of Firsts

 With baby #1 you are careful to document "firsts" of all kinds, both with photos and little notes in the baby book. By baby #4, you are thrilled if you remember to bathe everyone at least weekly. Be that as it may, we do have a couple of pictures for posterity of baby J's first couple of weeks of life. I hope to get more, but right now I am working on keeping everyone fed and in clean underwear, or any underwear at all.

This is Jamison's first check up, performed by one of our lovely midwives. As you can see, the girls were very interested in all the goings on. It was so nice to not have to take him somewhere, have him poked and prodded in a nursery while I sat waiting for someone to bring him back. Instead we were all a part of the action.

First bath! He wasn't thrilled. He is now, if he has completely lost his cool he loves to take a shower and it calms him down right away. He is also very tollerant of being tossed in the bath with his sisters, where he is treated like a glorified bath toy.

 And here we are on our first outing. First car ride! And where are we headed?

To Five Guys of course! Hey, a girls gotta eat. He was so good, didn't fuss at all while we ate and on the way home Addilyn sang to him the whole time.

And here are some sweet pictures...just because. We are doing well here at the Crocker house, Matt goes back to work on Monday but he has been such a great help while he has been home. We are not getting much sleep, but that is to be expected I suppose. And he is so kissable that I think I will forgive him for being up at all hours.


curlyjo said...

this Crocker is so chubby. didn't think you made those kind of babies....keep the pics coming.

amanda said...

ahhhhh.... I NEED to kiss and snuggle that baby!!!