Sunday, June 17, 2012

Be a MAN

I am not a man. Big shocker, I know. Nor is there any part of me that wishes I was. I dig being a chick. I like that I have soft skin, soft curves, wear make-up and grow babies. I like that my hips sway when I walk, I enjoy wearing heals and pretty dresses. Being a girl is cool with me.

I think being a man would be hard. I believe that, just like our culture reduces women down to pretty faces with empty heads, men are often reduced to being nothing more than a paycheck with a penis. Sadly enough, I think Christian culture has fed this lie without meaning to. We have boiled down the word "provider" to be synonomis with "money maker". Especially in the single income family, stay at home mommy realm.

The work/life balance of the east coast sucks. People work crazy hours and for a while, Matt did too, and I could see how torn he was. There is no peace to be found, identity to be had, in a career driven life. So many people have such little respect for all the other ways a man is called to provide for their families that a man who chooses a different path can catch a lot of flack.

I understand, if only on an intelectual level, that men find identity in their careers. The problem comes when we forget that income is only a piece of what it means to be a "provider" for your family. Matt provides so much more that that; he keeps the girls feeling safe, he is my confidant and best friend, he is an intricate part of our family, not just the dude who brings home the money.

So today, on fathers day, I choose to honor all the men who get that a real man has tea parties, changes diapers, chases away the bad guys in nightmares, and takes time to ask about his wife's day. A real man understands that it is just as important to take his kid to the park to play as it is to provide money for new shoes. A real man engages his kids in conversations while ignoring his cell phone. He makes eye contact, gives kisses and snuggles, rocks babies and sings silly songs. A real man, a real provider, meets his families needs, monetarily, emotionally, spiritually and physically As a woman, I have a deep respect for such a man and am so blessed to have one in my life.


Honeycutt Family said...

A-freakin'-Men!!!!!! Well said, Gretch!!!!! :)

Jennifer McHam said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise said...

Not quite sure what you mean about the Christian culture thing but thank you for all you said about Matthew...he is a good dad! :-D